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If you’re not from North America, or haven’t spent a significant amount of time in North America, you won’t understand how popular college sports are. These are not just two students who just roll out of bed at 4 pm and play light sports. These are ambitious and highly trained athletes, all determined to achieve it professionally someday. Major sports leagues in the United States or Canada.

Has a competitive college league American Football, Baseball, ice hockey, soccer, basketball and other small sports. College basketball Is one of the most popular of all sports, with thousands of people coming to see the local team every week, often with more people than the local team. I am. NBA side.

There are currently 31 individual conferences in the top divisions across the country, each full of potential NBA superstars, full of teams packed with trophy cabinets from a brilliant history and years of success.Weekly when the season is running Home fans search for NCAA basketball picks in the sports betting appSee what odds your favorite team can earn, and see if you can make a little extra money and at the same time enjoy the highest quality basketball.

The NCAAB season is only a few weeks old, but there’s still a lot of discussion in the world of college basketball. You can take a closer look at the teams that succeeded last season and preview some of the most exciting matches in the opening round of the fixture.


Gonzaga Bulldog tops AP25

The AP Top 25 is a very convenient way to get a clear picture of who is currently the highest ranked college basketball team across the NCAA. It was Gonzaga Bulldogs who had a really great season right now. They are part of the West Coast Conference, topped the 2020/21 campaign and far outperform their next closest challenger, BYU Cougars.

The bulldog had a 15-0 record at the conference and a total of 31-1. This means that we lost only one match a year. Unfortunately for them, one of the games was the NCAA Tournament Championship Game, which was against the Baylor Bears. In a close match, the Bears ended the Bulldog’s winning streak with a final score of 86-70. Despite claiming the NCAA Tournament Championship, Baylor is ranked third in the AP Top 25 vote after Gonzaga and Illinois Fighting Ilini due to poor overall records.

Can Gonzaga go one step further and claim the perfect season to win the NCAA Tournament Championship? It’s hard, but if someone can do it, you can. They will open the season to Dixie State Pioneers on November 9th.

Will Baylor successfully defend their title?

Last season, Baylor Bears was the first to win the NCAA Tournament Championship and was runner-up once in 1948. Therefore, since I finally carried a monkey on my back, I can expect to be able to play a little more freely. Year. They had an overall record of 28-2 in the last time-out, including 11 home wins at the Ferrel Center’s Paul J. Meyer Arena. They want a good start to the season and their first match will be against the Inkerner Teward Cardinals.

Can Fighting Ilini jump to the top of the AP rankings?

Despite currently ranked second in the AP Top 25 rankings, Illinois Fighting Illinois actually only finished second at last year’s Big Ten Conference. Their overall record (24-7) won more than the team that actually finished on them, Michigan Wolverines (23-5), but Fighting Ilini had three fixes overall. I played Char and lost two more times, so I finished. The winning percentage was 0.800 and the Wolverines finished at 0.824.

Illinois was able to pass the second round of the NCAA tournament. There, he lost to Loyola Rambler 71-58. This will hurt Irini’s players, their coaches, Brad Underwood, and of course their loyal fans. They are certainly aiming for a bounce this season and will want to start their victory over the Jackson State Tigers.

Of course, there are hundreds of other teams to cover, but it simply doesn’t have the time. Hopefully, as the season progresses, you can further assess who is doing well and who is really struggling. I can’t wait for the action on November 9th!

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Read all about the latest NCAA basketball news and results Read all about the latest NCAA basketball news and results

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