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I was a big fan of Ernest Clineof Ready player one!!It was a wonderful story and I enjoyed making it into a movie from the director. Steven Spielberg Despite many changes from the book.

As you know, Klein’s Ready player one It was released last month and received various reviews. I’m currently reading it and for now I don’t care about it. I don’t like the direction Klein told the story. Pargibal is a character that cannot be seen in this sequel and never describes who he was in the first book. So far, I’m very disappointed. But maybe it will get better?

Anyway, some of you may be happy to know it Ready player one It is currently in the early stages of development. The news comes from Klein himself. Reverse:

“Especially Hollywood is in jeopardy right now, so it’s in the early stages, but the experience of making the first movie shows that everyone had a lot of fun. Ready Player One could exist. I talked about sex. When I was making Ready Player One. In Hollywood, you never know. I did my best to focus on writing the sequel to my book. Living in the movie There is a character who is, not alive in the book. I concentrated. When I tried to give the book to the fans without affecting the movie. The movie will be organized later. “

There is no word as to whether Spielberg will come back to oversee the sequel. If they make a sequel, in this case I hope they change the story for the sequel.I’m sure there are people who can enjoy it. Ready player one, But when I’m reading it, it doesn’t have the same exciting geek effect on me as the first one. It’s such a dry reading.

Anyway, Warner Brothers Ready player one, I just want to see a better story of the characters featured in the first novels and movies.

To Ready player one“A few days after winning the OASIS founder James Holiday contest, Wade Watts made a discovery that changed everything. Waiting for his heir to be found, he was hidden in the Holiday vault and again the world. There are technological advances that change and make 1000 OASIS. Even Wade is more mysterious and addictive than I dreamed of. New mysteries and new quests are coming. Mysterious at the last Easter egg from Holiday. It implies a prize, and an unexpected, incredibly powerful and dangerous new rival awaits. Wade’s life and the future of OASIS are once again at stake, but this time around. Fate is also balanced. Lovingly nostalgic and very original, as only Ernest Klein can imagine. Ready player one Through his beloved virtual universe, take us to another imaginative, action-packed adventure that once again rocks us thrillingly into the future. “

read Ready player one?? If so, what do you think? Will the story get better as it progresses! ?? What do you want to see from the movie sequel?

READY PLAYER TWO film is in the early stages of development — GeekTyrant

https://geektyrant.com/news/ready-player-two-film-is-in-early-stages-of-development READY PLAYER TWO film is in the early stages of development — GeekTyrant

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