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Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland? How about both? The question is the same as Real Madrid enters each transfer window. However, as in 2020, such queries are completely impractical.

Prior to last season, when the coronavirus pandemic began just six months ago, Madrid was unable to sign a single first team. Their most important business was the sale of Achraf Hakimi to Intel for € 40 million.

It was a similar story 12 months later that the silverware could not be delivered in front of the empty Alfredo di Stefano stadium. Free agent David Alaba is the only rookie of Los Blancos, and even on his arrival, fellow centerbacks Sergio Ramos and Raphaël Varane at Manchester United at the end of his contract for € 50 million. It will be offset by selling.

Earlier this month, the pandemic reported a loss of “nearly 300 million euros” in revenue. After-tax profits for 2020-21 were achieved through “intensive spending savings in all areas”. Read the statement added as follows: -The pandemic situation doesn’t happen right away. In this regard, the club will continue to strive to keep spending down so far. “

One of the most spectacular clubs in the world is doing things cheaply. The change of coach was initiated only by Zinedine Zidane, and Carlo Ancelotti was pulled out of midtable Everton, but Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri claimed he was given a position this week. did.

Of course, Ancelotti was here after waiting for 12 years, before leading Madrid to “Radesima” in 2013-14. This time another question is how he can re-grow the club without breaking the two-month world transfer record. One Stats Perform uses Opta data to attempt an answer.

The revival of Rapid Real?

Just as Ancelotti returns to Madrid, Gareth Bale will return. It was he who Madrid invested 100 million euros to stimulate the first side of Ancelotti’s Champions League glory. Now he may be handed the lead again.

Winger seemed to have no future under Zidane, but would certainly be a major beneficiary if Ancelotti returned the team to the aggressive approach previously adopted at Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid scored 222 LaLiga goals in two seasons in power. That’s 22 more goals than the last three campaigns combined.

But that would mean a big change. Zidane’s men not only score less, but also move at a slower pace. Madrid had an average of 4.7 passes and 12.7 seconds per sequence in the 2020-21 league, with 662 open play sequences of more than 10 passes. In 2013-14, Veil, Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria led the fast forward, with Madrid’s sequence usually lasting only 3.9 passes and 10.3 seconds, while the 10-pass sequence was only 475 times. These numbers only increased slightly during the second season of Ancelotti.

This style change is also evidenced by Madrid’s direct speed. It moved to highlands of 1.93 meters per second in 2013-14, but last year’s average sequence was only 1.41 meters. Taking full advantage of the attributes of Bale, Ronaldo and Di Maria, the Madrid team made 122 direct attacks, but only 112 build-up attacks. The numbers have changed significantly in the opposite direction, 87 and 165, respectively.

Soccer under Ancelotti was undoubtedly exciting and once again fascinating. Even when he was dismissed in 2015, President Florentino Perez said: “The affection that players and fans have for Carlo is the same as the affection that I have for him.” However, reimplementing the system may not be entirely easy.

Ancelotti arrived in 2013, just one year after the 121-goal 2011-12 Lariga campaign. This is the highest scored Madrid has ever scored in the season. The Italian gave his superstar the freedom to play, but he didn’t have to restructure his approach. This is in line with the rest of the glorious career so far. This shows that he is credited primarily for managing big names, rather than introducing the kind of tactical tweaks that could almost double the team’s attack power. ..

But if that is Ancelotti’s wish, Madrid should have at least a player to tear the team at a pace, among Veil, Vinicius Jr. and Eden Hazard. Indeed, fitting hazards and achieving two years and four goals in Riga’s career is just as important as veil rehab. The former Chelsea forward may try the famous “Diva Whisper”, but Madrid can’t afford to contribute a € 100 million man.

Age is against Ancelotti

When Ancelotti left, Madrid’s play without the ball also changed. It would be even harder to get them to perform in this regard, as it was in his first stint. When Ancelotti left the club six years ago, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Casemiro (Madrid’s longtime midfield trio) were in attendance. Modric will be 36 years old in September. Classes and experience are on their side, but youth energy is not.

Madrid relentlessly put pressure on 2013-14 as Di Maria played an important role in the 4-2-3-1 formation and Modric set foot in Spain. In Los Blancos’ 499 press sequence, opponents were only allowed 9.3 passes per defensive action (PPDA). As a result, Madrid’s attack began at an average of 42.3 meters high, boosted by 179 high turnovers, of which 45 were shots and 9 were goals.

The following year, even Ancelotti failed to maintain these standards. While Di Maria set out for the Premier League, Modric was limited to 16 games due to a thigh injury. Madrid has retreated in all categories.

In 2021, it does not mean that Madrid will not put pressure, but that they will not do so with the same strength. There were 430 press sequences last year and still 178 high turnovers, but opponents were allowed 11.3 PPDA and Madrid couldn’t harry at the same rate. Statistics are unlikely to improve as Claus is also in his thirties and more is being sent to one foot in the great midfield of modern football. While the advent of the young and versatile Federico Valverde helps, Ancelotti can face the enviable task of dismantling the units he assembled.

Alaba changes complexion

Up to this point, Madrid’s approach seems more like delegation than evolution or revolution, as former coaches have returned to coach the same players. Defense at least guarantees that the team has a new brilliance, but it does not necessarily improve Ancelotti’s chances of success at home and abroad.

Alaba is a great player with a wealth of experience, six years younger than Ramos, but has won ten Bundesliga titles and two Champions League titles. It’s a change that makes sense, even with the emotional connection between Ramos and Bernabeu. But asking Alaba to replace Varane, the stubborn defensive partner of the extroverted captain, feels like a difficult question.

Instead of settling in a new club in a new country with the World Cup winner last week, Alaba said, “Varane, of course, I want to play with him.” The role of an older man with Edel Militao, who made only 23 leaguers, begins over two seasons.

Still, Militao has decisive attributes that Alaba doesn’t have, and the converted fullback is far less combative than the two distant defenders. In Bundesliga’s Bavarian last season, Alaba played only 5.0 duels per 90 minutes. This is less than Riga’s Varane (5.4), Ramos (6.4) and Militao (7.9). He scored only 55.4% of them and another low as Varane (67.9%) took the lead.

Militao may then be tasked with sticking to the enemy’s advance, but Alaba may find it difficult to avoid being picked up in the air. He participated in only 1.2 aerial duels per 90, with Varane 2.3, Ramos 4.3 and Militao 5.2. Opponents faced scrap against either centerback when Varane topped the league with 76.0% of these duels and Ramos topped with 63.8%. Arava’s 51.4% success rate shows why he tends to avoid such encounters.

Areas of real strength for Madrid can now be weaknesses. Only Sevilla (4) scored fewer head goals than Madrid (5) in last season’s league, but Real Betis (5 goals) was the only side tighter from set pieces than Zidane’s costume (6). rice field. With Ramos and Varane marshaling the area, Madrid faced the fourth least head attempt (58). They are unlikely to be re-impressively ranked in the 5’11 inch Alaba at the heart of the defense.

Madrid is unlikely to take full advantage of Ancelotti’s versatility-well stocked in the left back, but lacking in the middle of the backline-still with balls sharpened in various roles His ability at least should help keep Ancelotti’s men on the forefoot. Alaba, a member of Bayern’s dominant team, is involved in 4.6 shoot-end sequences and 0.7 goal-end sequences per 90 times, a greater chance than Ramos (3.9 and 0.4) and Varane (2.9 and 0.3). I got it.

Being able to launch an attack from behind influences the idea that Madrid should be set to become a thrilling supporter again under Ancelotti. The ability to combine entertainment and results, as the 2013-14 team succeeded, may be another matter.

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Real Madrid: Can Ancelotti return to a fast and rampant past? Real Madrid: Can Ancelotti return to a fast and rampant past?

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