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Barcelona is brought back to reality when Koeman’s men follow their customary rituals Take one step forward, but step back two steps.. After an incredibly promising exhibition for Real Sociedad, all that progress seemed to have been thrown out of the window, with the sides falling cheaply from the wagon.

A much more dynamic second half following the overwhelming first half, but the Catalan repetitive theme has proven to be a lack of field structure.Not keeping the legitimate wing Squeeze with the four numbers 10 There was no doubt that it would hinder the club’s home ground success in the same field. This proved to be the case against the brave Valencia side, who was deadly at the counter and stuck to the defense.

Marc Andre ter Stegen: 7

Despite picking up the ball from the net on two separate occasions, Ter Stegen could do little about the recognized goal. He still relied on the distribution of the ball and made an amazing save to refuse Soller to score in the 28th minute. The Germans simply deserve better results, but have been forced to pay the price of Barça’s defensive vulnerabilities.

Sergino Dest: 5

Dest needs more support on the right side. (Photo by David Ramos / Getty Images)

After some bright performances Azul Grana The jersey, Dest, played a pretty overwhelming game on the right back, especially according to his high standards. The American sensation was surprisingly tired of the transition, leaving many acres of space for Guedes and Gaya to use. The lack of rest must certainly affect young people. In addition, he produced some timely crosses, but Dest wasn’t a major part of the game, as Barça usually built minimal play from the right side.

Ronald Araujo: 8

Yet another impeccable exhibit, where the ubiquitous Uruguayans imprinted his authority on every part of the field, proved to be a wall of defense and a threat before the goal. Ronald Araúho was very reliable at the center of the defense and thrived on the maturity of the position and unparalleled recognition, but the moment he really improved his performance was the burning he scored in the 52nd minute of the game. It was a hot scissor kick. Very skilled net.

In the absence of Pique and Rengre, Barça unearthed more than just the fruit of future clubs. But I have already paid them dividends.

Oscar Mingesa: 5.5

Mingeza carried the ball badly upfield and disguised it as an interior with the excellent attributes of the ball. However, the Spanish genius was too reckless to his challenge, and Gomez’s leveler had great responsibility as he allowed the forward to overcome him and reach the poacher’s goal. His rise may be meteor to the first team, but La Masia’s illustrious talent still has plenty of room for improvement.

Jordi Alba: 6

After causing a mess in Real Sociedad, Jordi Alba participated in this encounter with a lot of hope, but had a hard time measuring it. Aruba’s biased cross to Messi gave Barça a goal. Still, Spain’s fullback road-driven cutback was virtually predictable on the left, along with a former Valencia man who looked unstable in defensive transitions. Despite being the only provider of width, Jordi was far from his best version.

Sergio Busquets: 5

Busquets is currently of little or no use to the team. (Photo by David Ramos / Getty Images)

Busquets, who started the game in the role of a single pivot, was tasked with directing play from the midfield base. However, Barça’s disappointment disappointed the veteran, annoyingly possessed, letting go of the ball in an important area of ​​the field, paving the way for Valencia to launch a cunning counterattack. Then, in half-time, Busquets left for Frenkie de Jong.

Pedri: 7

At the young age of 18 Pedri already claims himself as a consistent starter in Barcelona And he is sure to repay Koeman’s trust in him at the commendable exhibition. After showing a very promising performance against the previous table topper, Pedri was once again one of the few encouraging factors from a disastrous draw. Pedri was creative between the lines, always aiming to advance the ball in the desired area and never rejected his defensive obligations. A treat to see.

Philippe Coutinho: 4.5

Coutinho was certainly below the par because he struggled to widen and stretch his opponent for the first 45 minutes, but he shot multiple shots at the goal and dribbled more confidently, so he waked up after the procedure. It seems that he received a call.However, despite the slight advances that allowed Coutinho to grow into a game, Brazilians are struggling because they are just an unnatural burden. Reproduce the performance from the beginning of the campaign.

Antoine Griezmann: 3.5

Griezmann’s performance has proven to be as unpredictable as the weather in England, and the French are often the prey of his inconsistent nature. Griezmann was a hard worker and was tracked on any occasion, but remained ineffective in the offensive sector and was heavily responsible for Valencia’s opening round.

Griezmann – made a boy student mistake – couldn’t mark Deer Cubby in the corner. He scored a comfortable goal past Telstegen. Eventually, Ronald Koeman took Griezmann away when the World Cup winner stopped the pitch in suffering.

Martin Brightweight: 6

The dynamic Dane was not reliable on the left side and was effectively contained by Daniel Wass. Brightweight ran behind Valencia’s backline in a timely manner, constantly trying to connect with his partner in crime, but proved his position within the team as a striker. Not as a wing.

Lionel Messi: 7

Messi Barcelona
Even Lionel Messi can do just that. (Photo by LLUIS GENE / AFP via Getty Images)

Argentine amulets were surrounded by a swarm of Valencia players each time they received the ball, and as a result had a hard time making a big impact on the game. Leo also failed to equalize from the penalty spot, but the properly placed header from the rebound allowed him to rival Pele’s record for most goals in a single club.

Messi, in contrast to his match against Real Sociedad, had minimal involvement in the game but was still able to find himself on the scoresheet.


De Jung: 7

Trincao: 6

Rengre: Not applicable

Pyanic: Not applicable

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Real Valladolid 0-3 Barcelona: Match Review Real Valladolid 0-3 Barcelona: Match Review

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