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The night of Juventus against Fiorentina was getting worse when Matthijs de Ligt was replaced shortly before the end of the match.

Leonardo Bonucci’s horror show ensures that they lose the match 3-0, although they lost bids to support a 3-0 victory over Naples and had to defeat Raviola to finish the night. Did.

The Dutch dropped to Gianluca Frabotta in the 87th minute and were replaced. Calcio Mercato It was revealed that he had muscle damage.

It’s unclear how long he’ll be out and if the injury is serious, but that’s going to be a big blow to Bianconeri.

Juventus wanted to finish the year with the next win after defeating Parma 4-0 before Fiorentina’s match.

Injuries have also been a problem for Bianconeri this season, but De Rigut’s setbacks are just before the winter break, and Andrea Pirlo hopes to be able to play in the club after a break at the beginning of the new year.

Giorgio Chiellini hopes he will be able to play again next month when action returns.

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Reasons for the change of Deligut Reasons for the change of Deligut

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