Rebecca says Zied’s visa scene wasn’t “gradual or fake”

Rebecca Parrott has shut out allegations that she and her fiancé Zied Hakimi have “counterfeited” and “performed” the 90-day fiancée’s K-1 visa scene.

Rebecca Parrot isn’t here for fans who accuse her and Zyed Hakimi of forging the K-1 visa scene 90 days fiance..She recently used social media and the move ‘Staging‘For the show.

Fans were first introduced to Rebecca and Zied in Season 3. 90 days fiance: 90 days ago.. After falling in love with Rebecca from Tunisia, Rebecca married Geed and shared her hope of moving him to the United States. Rebecca was already married three times when she and Geed met through Facebook. “People You May Know“Function. 46 years old moves forward, Nevertheless, he accepted Zied’s proposal Their 20-year-old age difference and extreme cultural differences. To make matters worse, Rebecca was still legally married to her ex when the Moroccans asked a big question. Meanwhile, her loved ones expressed their skepticism about how genuine Zyed’s feelings towards Rebecca were for the possibility that he would spend her for money.

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On Tuesday, Rebecca went to her Instagram story to shut down her and Zeid’s claims.Staged and forged“Their visa process scene at the show. “Everyone who said the embassy had a Zied passport and didn’t know if it was approved was it performed or fake … 100% not.Rebecca on Tuesday, December 29th, During touch Weekly.. “They interviewed him for just a few minutes, then took his passport and told him to come back after seven days, without saying that he was approved or rejected. The scene was real. Both We were very confused because we were hoping for an answer soon. “ TLC Star also explained the stress of learning the results of a visa application.

Zied Hakimi and Rebecca Parrot in a 90-day fiance

“”Only Zied remembers being able to check the status of his case online, so I always checked until it was suddenly approved.“Rebecca continued. “And I had to talk to him with great excitement!“” She also revealed why she decided to tackle the criticism rather than ignore the denialists. “I just wanted to speak up after seeing some comments online.“She added a red heart emoji and a hashtag “#NotStaged”. The post replayed a clip of Sean Paul and Dua Lipa’s song “No Lie” in a move that seemed to have been done to further arouse her claim.

Since appearing on the show, the couple have been married and have made progress by taking Zied to the United States. A photo of a pair living in Georgia emerged ahead of their next appearance in Season 8.

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Source: During touch Weekly

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Rebecca says Zied’s visa scene wasn’t “gradual or fake”

https://screenrant.com/90-day-fiance-rebecca-zied-visa-staged-fake/ Rebecca says Zied’s visa scene wasn’t “gradual or fake”

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