Recast Jackie Brown if made today

More than 20 years later Jackie Brown It remains the most underrated film of Quentin Tarantino’s impressive filmography. Adapting the first and only previous source material in his career gave Tarantino a sense of restraint and maturity not found in his more genre-driven films.

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In the 90’s Jackie Brown He gave both Pam Grier and Robert Forster a career comeback, strengthening the careers of Samuel L. Jackson, Bridget Fonda and Robert De Niro. If the movie was made today, it may star in contemporary icons such as Viola Davis and Keanu Reeves.

8 Viola Davis as Jackie Brown

Split image of widow Viola Davis and Jackie Brown's Pam Grier

Pam Grier Jackie Brown.. If the film was made today, its role could be fulfilled by the legendary Viola Davis. It is famous for being the youngest actor in history to win the Triple Crown of Acting.

Davis’s intense performance in a crime thriller widow And comic book action Suicide squad Prove that she can bring the same feeling of empowerment that Glia brought to Jackie in 1997.

7 Keanu Reeves, Max Cherry

Split image of John Wick's Keanu Reeves and Jackie Brown's Robert Forster

Glia wasn’t the only declining star whose career was naturally activated Jackie Brown.. Her co-star Robert Forster also encountered a career comeback after the movie was released. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (the only Oscar nod in the movie) on his turn as bail bondsman Max Cherry.

Max is the moral compass of the film, and alongside Jackie in particular, brings a sweet and healthy presence to each of his scenes. The audience needs to support him.Today this part is Keanu Reeves plays brilliantly, That career was given a similar comeback by 2014 John wick..

6 Bradley Cooper as Louis Gara

Split image of A Star Is Born Bradley Cooper and Jackie Brown's Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro’s turn-in Jackie Brown Louis Gara, Ordell’s gently-spoken criminal partner, is a featureless and unobtrusive performance by the actor. This role requires a performer who is confident enough to happily abandon most of the spotlight to the actor who plays Odel.

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Bradley Cooper would be a great choice.He’s a world-famous movie star, but challenged his on-screen images in a moody and neglected role like Jack. A Star Is Born..In addition, he has De Niro’s son silver linings Playbook..

Five Donald Glover as Beaumont Livingston

Split image of Atlanta's Donald Glover and Jackie Brown's Chris Tucker

Beaumont Livingston plays a small but important role Jackie Brown.. His early scenes played an important role in summarizing the characteristics of Ordell Robbie.In the original movie, that part Played by beloved comedian Chris Tucker, The star was rising because of his stand-up performance at that time Diff comedy jam..

Beaumont’s role requires an entertaining, adorable, friendly actor who, when Odel shoots him in the trunk of a car, automatically cheers the audience to market Odel’s coldness. In his own stand-up, Donald Glover has gathered a similarly beloved fan base, not to mention his musical career and roles in both film and television.

Four Dwayne Johnson Ray Nicolette as ATF Agent

Split image of Fast & Furious Dwayne Johnson and Jackie Brown Michael Keaton

In his huge list of recurring characters, Elmore Leonard created a shared fictional universe On the page long before Marvel Studios did the same on the big screen. One year after playing ATF Agent Ray Nicolette Jackie Brown, Michael Keaton replayed the role of Steven Soderbergh, another Leonard adaptation Invisible..

Tarantino’s Jackie BrownKeaton and his height instantly tied the audience to Ray. If this role requires a likable A-lister to represent the moral aspects of law, Dwayne Johnson would be the perfect choice today.

3 Mark Ruffalo as LAPD detective Mark Dargus

Split image of Michael Bowen on Shutter Island and Michael Bowen on Jackie Brown

Detective Mark Dargus of the Los Angeles Police Department is the police officer in charge of the Odel case with Nicolet. It’s a minor role, but it can be memorable with your right hand. Tarantino’s regular collaborator Michael Bowen shared a great match with Keaton in the 1997 film.

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This role could easily be fulfilled by Mark Ruffalo, who played the sensitive partner of Leonardo DiCaprio’s gloomy hard-boiled lawyer at Martin Scorsese’s Psychological Horror Noir. Shutter Island..

2 Jennifer Lawrence as Melanie Ralston

Split image of Jennifer Lawrence of American Hustle and Bridget Fonda of Jackie Brown

Melanie Ralston is a laid-back femme fatale Jackie Brown.. She is Odel’s girlfriend and drives a wedge between Odel and his partner Louis when she has a relationship with the latter. Bridget Fonda played its part brilliantly in 1997.Today, its role is Played by the respected A Lister Jennifer Lawrence..

This part requires an actor who can handle the delivery of dead bread comic lines like “F *** Want?”.Lawrence nailed such a line in the story of David O. Russell’s dark comedy crime. American Hustle Illustrated her chemistry with Cooper silver linings Playbook And a much lower rating Serena..

1 Jamie Foxx as Ordell Robbie

Split image of monster boss Jamie Foxx and Jackie Brown's Samuel L. Jackson

After Jules Winfield’s exaggerated monologue pulp FictionSamuel L. Jackson has taken a bolder and more modest approach to the role of Ordell Robbie, a cold-hearted gun runner in Tarantino’s next coaching venture. Jackie Brown..

This role requires a smooth and attractive actor like Jackson. There’s no replacement for Tarantino’s movie, but if anyone could do that, it would be Jamie Foxx. Foxx was astounding with Tarantino’s snappy dialogue Django Unchained.. He demonstrated both his impressive comedy abilities from his stand-up comedy career and his subtle and dramatic abilities that deserve to win an Oscar in his performance as Ray Charles.

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