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India 258 for 4 (Iyer 75 *, Gill 52, Jadeja 50 *, Jamieson 3-47) vs new Zealand

Shreyas Iyer Recorded a debut half a century full of calculated aggression against spins and scored an uninterrupted 113 for the fifth wicket Ravindra Jadeya Release India from tricky situations in the middle of the first day and put it under the control of the Karnpur test.

On the stump, India batting 258-4 and Ayer batting 75. The final scoring shot of the day was a muscular 6 across the mid-wicket off Will Somerville, and New Zealand persuaded him to leave for bad light instead of increasing his spin to complete the 90. bottom. It exceeds the requirements of the day. Jadeja, on the other hand, had just reached the 17th and a half centuries with test cricket.

Despite missing Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli and Rishabh Pants, India’s play of only five specialist batters is part of the confidence they should have taken turns. I was depressed. Shubumangil, Stroking a smooth 52 early in the day, but also with their confidence in Jadeya’s striking ability.

Jadeya, who played in 4 at 145, showed all the characteristics of the batter he hit in the last three years or so-a clear head, accurate shot selection, and endless outside the stump. Patience-The final session at Iyer’s company.

This wasn’t an easy surface to attack, so he had to be that alone. The bounces were inconsistent, with strange balls turning and jumping embarrassingly. Both new balls also shook, and the old ball flipped enough for Quick to handle something throughout the day.

And it was quick to take all four ticket gates. Kyle Jamison Leading 3 to 47, he shows exactly why he was preferred over Neil Wagner. Tim Sauchy left the field in the middle of the eleventh time to get treatment for the muscles at the base of his right leg, but later came back and bowled in all his usual gir, but he does. The interval was clearly less than 100% fit. Prior to that, he also took the main ticket gates for Cheteshwar Pujara.

New Zealand entered with three spinners and none of them bowled badly, but after bowling a total of 52 overs, he became wicketless. Accurate off-spins for the Summerville gang were economical, but the left arm spins for Ajazz Patel and Lachin Ravindra were expensive. .. Much of this had to do with the way Gil and Ayer chased them.

Gil robbed Ajazz of 29 out of 28 balls-if he reviewed the non-out LBW decision from Virender Sharma, he could have rejected him first-from both creases and deep. Great footwork punishes slight errors in length or trajectory to it. Ajazz’s straight bat back foot punch was a candidate for the shot of the day, to the right of the mid-wicket against the turn.

Meanwhile, Iyer began to get nervous and unmarked on a test cricket with a miscued loft hit. But he came out with a clear intention to attack the spinner after a break, and where Gil’s footwork was characterized by how agile he moved back and forth, all Aia at this stage was sideways. It was about going to. Usually this was to allow him to free up space and play square or late cuts (even if it meant exposing all three stumps), or to flip the cover over. was.

This is a breathtaking cutting edge, with Debutante batting all-rounder Ravindra (Kane Williamson may have been abused at the start of the third session due to Sauzy’s injury). After that, it became 26 with a spell of 4 overs. When he reached half a century with a straight drive single from Saudi, he recorded the last 33 runs with only 39 balls.

By that time, India was 4 to 199, which looked much safer than it was about an hour ago.

The 61-run second wicket stand between Gil and Puhara moved India to a solid one-to-82 at lunch before Jamison attacked in the first over of the new session. Gil slowly moved forward to protect the Nipbacker and played with his stump. Jamison showed that he could swing the new ball in both directions on the first spell, nick off Mayank Agarwal on the fourth over, and then hit a non-uniform pitch hard to remove the old ball.

After that, Jamison made Puhara uncomfortable with a short ball. He first unexpectedly lifted his right index finger and bruised it with a glove hit, then squeezed the field on the leg side and hit the center of the pitch, causing ducks and weaves. Unfortunately, you never know at what pace or height the ball will arrive.

Williamson took off Jamison with a spell of just four overs, but if it seems premature, Sauzy now holds the line in the hallway after shaping the previous three balls into stumps and changes. Worked immediately. Forced to play, Puhara sent a thin edge to the keeper.

Ajinkya Rahane has been short of runs for the past two years and, after serving as Indian captain in the absence of Virat Kohli, made 35 crispy backfoot punches that were fluent and technically achieved offside. .. Rahane played with a vertical bat, so the shot was a safe shot at this pitch, but a square cut with a horizontal bat was found when he chopped Jamison into a stump when the ball kept the touch low. , Wasn’t so certain.

Karthik Krishnaswamy is a Senior Deputy Editor at ESPNcricinfo.

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Recent Match Report-Inde vs New Zealand 1st Test 2021/22 Recent Match Report-Inde vs New Zealand 1st Test 2021/22

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