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Take 2. Are you ready for the ultimate test? Virat Kohli’s India and Kane Williamson’s New Zealand want to get out on the field and start the finals of this World Test Championship after the rain. first day.. Here’s a live update for ESPNcricinfo: Please refresh the page to get the latest information.
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Mr. Wagner, we have been expecting you

There has been some debate during the test series against England whether Neil Wagner is unnecessary in England and his method of hustle batters in flat-pitch, short-pitch bowling may not work. did. Looking at Wagner’s long-standing contribution to New Zealand, this was a ridiculous idea, but it’s the game’s reliance on conditions that might actually have been considered.

However, Wagner won this choice by bowling the right seams and swings in a test series with England. And he proved himself-if proof was needed-that is, he put the third ball of the wicket into his spell, even though he was the fifth used bowler.

This is a classic Zaheer Khan level and even Wasim Akram level skill. They need to swing over only one ball early on, and then they are playing with the batter. Wagner swung the first ball back to Gil, and after the two balls bowled the same length, he pushed the ball, this time holding the line and taking the edge. 24.3 over 2 vs India 63. Gil went for 64 to 28.

Jamieson puts New Zealand on board

A rare mistake from Rohit Sharma. He is good at getting the ball out. The number of times he played and made mistakes was forced by moving the ball off or close to off. Finally, he plays with a wide ball. Perhaps Jamison caused uncertainty by widening the creases, and the outswinger got a nice low catch on Tim Sauchy’s third slip. India’s first more than 60 stands in the UK for the first time in more than 10 years will end. India 62 is one in 20.1 over. Rohit Sharma was 68-34.

Hindfoot drive, forefoot pull, push drive

So far, Indian batting has been brilliant in this session. Three prominent shots are Rohit Sharma’s backfoot drive, Shubhman Gill’s forefoot pull-off, and defensive full-paced defensive push drive.

Three maidens to drink

They spliced ​​together three maiden overs, but India has now forgotten both new ball bowlers. Not surprisingly, Colin de Grand Homme was given the ball ahead of Neil Wagner. As expected, New Zealand has pulled back in length after its start. Shiva Jayaraman has seen the length. “There was only one full ball that was a maiden in the last 3 overs. All the other balls were or were a little shorter than that. In the first 11 overs they weren’t 23 There were balls and I took off for 30 minutes. Run. “

India 41 of 0 after 14 overs. This is a great start for them after being placed. Their management rate is 79.

First maiden

The 12 innings over is New Zealand’s first bowling maiden. It supports the observation that they are not bowling well in the test area. Not enough stock balls are spliced ​​together. The variation ball comes out too early. There is no setting.

The batter also does not allow it to happen. They moved to the bowler and punished the wrong length. India 41 of 0 after 12 overs.

11:00 am

Great start for India

After 30 minutes, India is off to a good start. Anyone will get 0’s 29 with 8 overs after being inserted overcast on a pitch that remains covered for 2 days.


1. India’s opening round feels that Trent Boult and Tim Southee are not at the pace to keep them in the fold. They often walked around the bowler to play the ball before it moved.

2. Vault and Saudi have not yet found the radar. There is a ball on the leg side, and some are easy to put on. One proper play and mistake with eight overs, and one outer edge along the ground four times.

3. Still, India has a control rate of 75%. This means that you are not in control of the 12 balls. This is when the team begins to expect ticket gates.

4. The Dukesball will only start swinging properly after a half dozen overs.

5. Do you have anything to say about the pressure the bowler is under when bowling in such a situation?

10:30 am

Start with a gloomy note

India wears a black armband in honor of the great runner Milkha Singh and his wife, Nimal Kaul, who died of post-covid complications.

Mirka was one of India’s greatest athletes. At the age of 91, he ran a few days before the test was positive.Run peacefully, King Mirka

A few days ago, his wife Nirmal, a former Indian captain of volleyball, also died in Covid. Before embarking on a test cricket celebration, remind us of the times we lived in.

Throw away

New Zealand sticks to India

Kane Williamson beat Toss and asked India to hit the bat first. He won 19 tosses in test cricket, 14 of which he chose to play on the field. Many of them are because New Zealand is a bowl-first country and the pitch there is getting better and better.

However, this decision depends on the conditions created by the rain and weather forecast. The early damp and cool weather that is being abused means that the pitch does not get worse as in regular tests. This makes batting the right choice first, in most cases. The last place on their side goes to Colin de Grandhomme, so they enter without a spinner.

India, on the other hand, sticks to two spinners. Virat Kohli states that spinners are of very high quality and can also be used on damp surfaces. As R Ashwin showed at the MCG late last year, he took an important ticket gate in his first session. So I didn’t have to change the named XI.

By the way, India would have been bowling first if it beat Toss.

This is the team

India 1 Rohit Sharma, 2 Shubman Gill, 3 Cheteshwar Pujara, 4 Virat Kohli (capt.) *, 5 Ajinkya Rahane, 6 Rishabh Pant (wk), 7 Ravindra Jadeja, 8 R Ashwin, 9 Ishant Sharma, 10 Mohammed Shami, 11 Jasprit Bumura

new Zealand 1 Tom Latham, 2 Devon Conway, 3 Kane Williamson (Captain), 4 Ross Taylor, 5 Henry Nichols, 6 BJ Watling (Week), 7 Colin de Grandome, 8 Kyle Jamieson, 9 Tim Southee, 10 Neil Wagner, 11 Trent Boult

9:50 am

“Fun for bowlers”

There is a pitch report. Simondur and Sunil Gavaska look at the grass and call it a “fun” surface for bowlers. There is grass and there is overhead. And this test doesn’t complete all five days. Therefore, the first is the actual case of the bowl.

Indian coach Ravi Shastri has confirmed that India will not change the XI they have nominated. If it was still raining today, they might have thought along those lines, but he says they have enough depth, skill, and variation for a proper test match.

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Recent Match Report-India vs New Zealand Final 2019-2021 Recent Match Report-India vs New Zealand Final 2019-2021

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