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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 300 (Ghulam 76, Hasan 4-62) and 312 (Ghulam 108, Maqsood 4-77) Central Punjab December 9th is 257 (Akram 60 *, Salahuddin 60, Irfanullah 4-73) and 355 (Hasan 106 *, Sajid 4-86)

Hasan Ali Almost sealed the fate of his team Central Punjab and the remarkable turnaround of his own fate, achieving a dramatic and first-ever final day of 100. Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Final..

Central Punjab chased 356 against Khyber Pakhtunqua (KPK) and fell 8 to 249. Hasan’s 61-ball undefeated 106 (first first-class century) then returned to one of the country’s most spectacular finals.

It was the perfect ending of the title scrap that both teams did their best to rejuvenate. On the final day, 215 runs were recorded, eight wickets fell, two teams hugged each other’s heels for five days, shook hands, and returned, perhaps wondering what was missing. But one person who shouldn’t have such an idea is Hasan, who has done most of the things that are unthinkable on this side.

It didn’t happen in the end, but not because of his lack of effort. The fifth day was as follows. Central Punjab was chasing 356 to win the final. They started the final day 2 to 140 and soon after 5 to 179, but both overnight batters left. Then it was 8 to 249. And if you have the highest first class score of 59 * before this, let’s rip it. Ahmed Safi Abdullah played his role with the captain in 35 out of 23 balls at the 70th 9th wicket stand.But then the last man, Wakas Maxudo, sent a check shot from the off-spinner. Sajid Javid As long as Kamran Gram is in the midst of holding a large-scale celebration of Sajid’s roaring roar among KPK players. They didn’t win, but now they don’t. The celebration was proof of that.

On his lap, Hasan approached him, tapped his head, and the pair walked back together, disappointed but proud, as was the image of Maqsood.

Usman Sarahhudin and Mohammad Saad began the Central Punjab process on the final day, 51st and 27th, respectively. Saad returned to the dressing room within four balls, but at a moderate pace in Arshad Iqbal, caught lbw with his overnight score. Saad Nasim, who played in 136 *, 72 and 55 innings, didn’t last long and lost to Sajid 5 and KPK was very top at that stage. This was how the balance was maintained when Sarah Din (67), Kasim Akram (30), and Alishan (11) fell and Central Punjab went to 7 with an unstable 202. But that was when things started to change and the script was Hasan.

In No. 9 Bilawal Iqbal, he added 47 and Iqbal contributed 7. Then I came to the stand with Abdullah and raised the Central Punjab to 319. Ball knock. And finally, when it was a success or failure, Hasan took the lead at that last stand, while Hasan passed his century, Maqsood won four at the 36-run association. did. Almost enough for Central Punjab, Maqsood may have played more than 118 times at the score level. However, the very hittable delivery from Sajid was too appealing to the last guy in the slot. But he couldn’t fully understand it, and Gram, who put KPK under some command in the second inning century, didn’t really have to do much to stick.

Hasan has played an important role in this season’s Central Punjab run. His season began with him out of the country’s calculations under a cloud of ongoing injuries. However, after Azhar Ally led the team in the first four rounds, he eventually returned to take over the captain, turning the team’s season around. They were at the bottom of the table with only 30 points (3 losses and 2 draws at that stage) and entered the final with 4 wins in the last 5 games under Hasan.

And his own personal contribution was essential-ending the season with 43 wickets in just 20 (in just 9 games), The best wicket haul for fast bowlers this season.. He also had an average of nearly 25 in the bat, 250 alongside his 100.

And in the final. It was a decision as bold as they would come, with the first innings proclaiming 9 at 257 and 43 still overdue. As will be explained later, Logic had a second batting point that was important when Central Punjab exceeded the 250 run mark, depending on the playing conditions, so the total of 1 inning point was at the same level as KPK. became. In the case of a draw, the result will be a draw based on the first inning point. So for Hasan, there is no point in chasing unnecessary runs.

It was almost enough for Hasan and Central Punjab, but not perfect. Fortunately, from their point of view, they weren’t in short supply.

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Recent Match Report-Khyber vs Central PNJB Final 2020 Recent Match Report-Khyber vs Central PNJB Final 2020

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