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Red Bull has filed a formal petition to consider the penalties Lewis Hamilton received at the British Grand Prix after the collision with Max Verstappen.

As a result of two cars coming into contact on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix, Verstappen crashed from the race at over 180 mph and went to the hospital for a preventative check.

Hamilton was given a 10 second time penalty by Steward for causing the crash, but nevertheless continued to win the race.

Red Bull later revealed that the accident would cost the team $ 1.8 million Due to damage to Verstappen’s car.

On July 23, Red Bull issued a formal petition to consider the decisions made by Steward, and on Tuesday (July 27) the F1 governing body, the FIA, will hold a video conference with the British Grand Prix Steward on Thursday. Summoned representatives of both teams (July 29) 4:00 pm Central European Time.

The official FIA document states: “Following Red Bull Racing Honda’s petition for review submitted on July 23, 2021 in accordance with Article 14 of the International Sports Act, team managers and witnesses that athletes may request include team managers. A total of up to 3 participants must attend the video conference at CEST 16:00 on Thursday, July 29, 2021. “

In an article posted on Red Bull’s website last week, team principal Christian Horner said the team was considering options for appeals.

“It’s no secret that we felt and still feel that Hamilton was given a light penalty for this type of incident,” Horner said. “Given the severity of the incident and the generous penalties, we are reviewing all data and have the right to request a review.”

Formula One rarely overturns Steward’s decisions and usually requires new evidence that Steward did not consider at the time. At the hearing on Thursday, Steward has sole discretion as to whether the new evidence or discussion is valid and was not considered prior to the first decision.

If the evidence is deemed acceptable, a second hearing will be held to consider the Steward’s decision in the light of new evidence.

Mercedes hasn’t asked for a review of the penalty, but Chief Technology Officer James Allison has shown his team’s belief that it shouldn’t have been penalized in a YouTube video last week.

“I was worried that after the incident, before the restart, Steward would read the FIA’s internal guidance on the pros and cons of overtaking and make sure he was following it,” Alison said. “As far as we are concerned, the actions Lewis took were exactly in line with the FIA’s overtaking guide.

“If you’re inside a corner and you’re overtaking inside a corner, the guidance says you need to be virtually lined up. You don’t have to be in front. You need to be effectively lined up when you arrive at the corner. There is. Lewis was definitely virtually lined up. He had a front axle far beyond the midpoint of Verstappen’s car.

“”[Also,] You must be able to make horns. Creating a corner means not turning a corner, leaving the course, or losing control of the car. Those are the ones you need to meet. If you can turn the corner, if you are virtually in line with other cars, the corner is yours … you don’t have to give up your position, you don’t have to retreat , And other cars are obliged to avoid hitting you. “

“I felt it was hard to get a penalty,” Alison added. “I know that not everyone agrees, but I think so.”

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Red Bull demands review of Hamilton’s Silverstone penalty Red Bull demands review of Hamilton’s Silverstone penalty

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