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Red Bull announced a deal with former Grand Prix winner Perez last month after choosing to drop Alex Albon following a difficult second season in F1.

Arbon struggled to fit Verstappen’s form on a regular basis and won only two podiums throughout the season. Verstappen won two podiums and nine podiums, more than double Albon’s total points.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton said he would threaten the team more in the Constructors’ Championship after Perez announced that he was “fit” for Red Bull’s seat.

Wolff, the boss of the Mercedes team, agreed with Hamilton’s assessment and felt that Red Bull would pose a major challenge to Mercedes in 2021 thanks to a revised driver lineup and an additional push from power unit partner Honda.

“I’m sure Red Bull and Perez will be far more powerful opponents in terms of the Constructors’ Championship,” he said in an interview with an Austrian television channel. ORF..

“I think Sergio is very strong. It would be interesting to see how Perez counters Verstappen. It’s a new opponent.

“Other than that, it’s the same car season as last year. I think Honda will really step on the gas to compete for the championship as a manufacturer last year.

“That’s why it’s so interesting.”

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Perez was less competitive with Racing Point last year, and despite missing two races, he was able to outperform Albon by signing a COVID-19 ahead of the Birmingham Grand Prix.

The Mexicans continued to claim their first F1 victory at the Sakhir Grand Prix, taking advantage of the setbacks of Mercedes-Junior George Russell when he represented Hamilton after his own positive COVID-19 test.

With an immediate level of Russell’s performance, Red Bull Chief Christian Horner recently commented on the strength of the Mercedes car, demonstrating how good Verstappen can compete with them on fewer machines.

Wolff said Horner’s “teasing” was a “part of the game” in F1 and could only truly compare drivers of evenly matched cars.

“You can only make the best decisions if you let them compete with each other,” Wolff said.

“We haven’t seen it yet. We haven’t seen Verstappen against Hamilton, we haven’t seen Russell against Hamilton, we haven’t. [Charles] Leclerc of the top car.

“But the future belongs to young people. At some point, they compete with each other for the same equipment, and then we will see who is the best.”

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Red Bull has become a “much stronger opponent” with Sergio Perez Red Bull has become a “much stronger opponent” with Sergio Perez

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