Red Bull is “competitive” despite being actually in 9th place – Motorsports

Max Verstappen I was happy with Red Bull’s performance, even though I actually set the 9th fastest time.

“We seem to be pretty competitive,” said Verstappen, who is eight points behind the championship leader. Lewis Hamilton I will participate in this weekend’s race.

“How competitive tomorrow is always a question mark,” Verstappen continued. “But from our point of view, we are very happy.

“Of course, you always want to improve and you want to do better. But nothing strange happened today, so you need to make sure you’re there tomorrow. “

Verstappen finished the day in 9th fastest time after losing time on reprofiled Turn 10 during a qualifying simulation run on soft tires. “It was a bit wider on turn 10, so I went into the dirt,” he explained. “But overall, I think we had a pretty good day.

“The car looks pretty competitive, so I’m looking forward to seeing some improvements tomorrow, but today nothing is shocking.”

Despite his delay, Verstappen was faster of the two Red Bull drivers, Sergio Perez Set the 10th fastest time. He described his day as “tricky” and said he needed to improve the pace of the lap.

“Recently, with limited practice, there were a few delays in both sessions, which meant I was a little rushed to traffic, etc.,” Perez said. “There’s a lot to understand and pace tonight, especially over the lap.

“The long-term pace looks stronger, but given its importance here, we need to figure out what we can do in qualifying.”

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Red Bull is “competitive” despite being actually in 9th place Red Bull is “competitive” despite being actually in 9th place

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