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Lawson was denied a chance to win the DTM title during the rookie season when he became an innocent victim of an opening lap clash caused by a championship rival. Kelvin van der Linde At the final race on Sunday at Norisring.

Kiwi was helplessly watching when Ferrari took the title from his grasp with the help of a team order from Mercedes as Ferrari suffered severe suspension damage and wrapped behind the field.

Emotional Lawson blamed Van der Linde shortly after the race and called him “the idiot” and “the dirtiest driver he competed in” for hitting him twice during the final round.

Van der Linde told social media on Wednesday He apologized to Lawson About the case.

Lawson says he enjoyed the rookie campaign at DTM completely because he had time to look back on the weekend, but the event at Norisring left a sour taste on the quality of the race in the championship.

“It was two separate incidents,” the 19-year-old said during the latest episode. With Will Buxton on Motorsport TV this week.. “It was the last team’s match in the last few laps, but the exact same thing happened in the first race and I think people will learn from their mistakes, so the Turn 1 incident for me was the most frustrating of the whole weekend. It was a new part.

“So it was just a crap that didn’t really get to the first corner and get a chance to race.

“But in the future, it’s not what I want, it’s not a championship, it’s not the end of the weekend. I loved the season. I really enjoyed the DTM campaign. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. In many ways, it’s very different from what you’re used to.

“In a way, I wanted to work with this team, so I didn’t feel like a junior anymore. I felt like I was being treated a bit more like a pro. That aspect was great.

“It was really fun. And the whole season is great and I’m really proud of the whole team, but the end of the season isn’t what I expected or saw, I want to participate in the future. I don’t think that. “

Red Bull hasn’t yet announced whether it will continue at DTM in 2022, but motorsport adviser Helmut Marko says that if Lawson decides to stay in the series next year, Lawson will not be part of the outfit. confirmed.

“Next year, DTM is over for him,” Marco told’s sister title, “Liam is having two full formula seasons next year.

“He is a young driver [Formula 1] If not tested, he has a friday couple [practice] Entry if possible from a regulatory standpoint. “

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Red Bull Ferrari is the target of all-season rival teams

Liam Lawson, AF Corse Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo, after start crash

Photo: Alexander Trienitz

Performance balance was an issue throughout the season, but some teams frowned when Lawson won a double win at the Red Bull Ring in September and overcame a 25kg ballast in the second race of the two races. ..

There was also a recurring call to ban the pit stop procedure introduced by AF Corse The first race in Monza could not be copied by a team driving from Audi, BMW, or Lamborghini for technical reasons.

When asked if AF Corse felt to be the target of a rival team throughout the season, Lawson agreed with the rating and denied allegations that Red Bull-backed outfits were treated specially by the championship. bottom.

Kiwi also found that teammate Nick Cassidy (sliding back at the start after being involved in the opening lap incident) was prevented from passing through the puck by suspicious defenses from Gotz’s Mercedes allies. It pointed out.

“Throughout the season, we’ve been hit hard by other teams in the press about BoP and things like this,” he explained.

“Even in Hockenheim after Race 2 with Van der Linde, he basically beat me and took a five-second penalty. In the media, the penalty was really really biased. This Something like that, it’s completely a joke.

“But I especially [Norisring] I definitely felt that the weekend was a target.Nick [Cassidy] It was the only car after I broke through the field. It turns out that he was playing against six Mercedes, five or six Mercedes at some point.

“In the end, I think he was deliberately driven into a straight line in the last few laps and did something like this to make sure he could never get through.”

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Red Bull Lawson no longer wants to be part of DTM Red Bull Lawson no longer wants to be part of DTM

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