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Verstappen showed the pace of winning the race after leading the early stages of the Bahrain Grand Prix with a 0.388 second pole in the opening round of the 2021 season in F1.

After Mercedes’ aggressive strategy led Hamilton, he was eventually defeated, and World Champion’s tire management skills in a long final stint meant that the Dutch had only one chance to pass. It was controversial.

Mercedes it’s after the Bahrain race The 2021 package includes ” [Red Bull]In the aftermath of Hamilton’s victory, the team also said, according to truckside engineering director Andrew Shovelin. Predicted to struggle in the next two races of F1 at Imola and Portimao..

Fans of the possibility of an in-season battle between drivers of two different teams over the 2021 title, a scenario that has never been in the championship since Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso entered the 2012 season When asked about his reaction to his excitement-Hamilton said: “I’m very happy that the fans are excited.

“I think it’s something that fans have always wanted.

“Of course, this is just one race, so I don’t know what the future holds. [how the season will unfold]..

“With their pace, they could go further, but we’ll try to get closer to this fight.

“I hope there are more races of this kind with Max and Valtteri. [Bottas, who finished third in Bahrain last weekend].. There is still a long way to go. twenty two [races] – Holy junk! By the end of this I will be gray! ”

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Verstappen was also asked if he enjoyed the possibility of fighting Hamilton to win the race throughout the season. Some have been inconsistent since the 23-year-old Red Bull was promoted from Toro Rosso’s sister team to the team in 2016.

“It was great today, but as Lewis said, it’s still a bit difficult to say where we’re exactly pacing,” Verstappen said.

“But again, it’s also a very long season, so you’ll see what happens in time.”

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Red Bull “may go further” in F1 battle Red Bull “may go further” in F1 battle

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