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Red Bull Motorsports Advisor Helmut Marko said he would accept to lend Alex Albon to other F1 teams in 2021 if the team needs an alternative driver.

Albon lost his full-time race seat at Red Bull next year, but will retain his fierce development role and take part in most of the race as a reserve for the team.

Three drivers, Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll and Lewis Hamilton, were unable to race in 2020 due to the coronavirus, so it is likely that more will be missed next season.

In short, Red Bull is seeing Albon get a chance to return to the F1 race in 2021. And if they want him, it may be with another team.

Marco told Autosport about how Albon was told about his role, “I assured him that he would use him on a large scale in the test. After all, there are 2022 tires to test, so There are individual tests for.

“He will drive a lot of simulators and compete in many races as a reserve driver. After all, it needs four cars for us.

“There’s a chance he’ll be used. In addition, he’s ready to lend him if another team rushes into a situation where he needs a driver, and he’ll win a race kilo. I’ll do it, so that’s not the end. “

Red bull I chose to go with Perez Next year, instead of Albon, I felt that Mexico’s strong appearance in the latter half of 2020 cannot be ignored.

Looking back on why Albon wasn’t held as a driver, Marco said the key issue was that his form went up and down too much.

“”[It was] Inconsistent, for example when the wind was strong or coming from another direction, it rattled too much. He lost time disproportionately when the tires began to deteriorate, “Marco explained.

Marco believes Albon was also hit hard by having to play Max Verstappen every weekend. This can explain why the gap between the two drivers was never closed.

“It’s certainly a spiritual story,” Marco added. “But if you have a teammate who is driving permanently at the absolute top level, I think it plays a minor role, no matter what the car is.

“Of course, when it comes to spirituality, all reports and unsatisfactory results made him uneasy. His gap with Verstappen actually increased and did not decrease throughout the season, although it was slight. , Increased. “

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Red Bull opens to lend Albon to other F1 teams | F1 News Red Bull opens to lend Albon to other F1 teams | F1 News

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