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There isn’t a shortage of zombie-based games on the market today, but Shinyuden and Runic Codes throw their hats into the ring with the new title Red Colony. A 2D survival horror game with a twist of science fiction, is it doing enough to stand out in a saturated market?

Red colony review

From the beginning of the Red Colony, things change from great to terrible. The nominal region of Mars has spent 100 years independent of Earth and a celebration is underway. Maria, CEO of LAB, is about to go out to celebrate, but finds herself in the warehouse. Things are different from what they look like. The zombie has taken over. It’s up to Maria to find her daughter, understand what’s going on, and survive as one.

It’s basically a basic story, and if it’s not too bad to do, it’s usually not a problem. The blast doll character and constant taunts are terrible stains throughout the package, making it feel like a cheap teenage fantasy of the Newgrounds era. Conspiracies also like to meander, forcing Maria to just call places such as malls, schools, airports, and laboratories. The worst part is a leap of plot logic – without too much spoiling, the main twist of the game is incredibly ridiculous and exaggerated.

The gameplay of the Red Colony is also poor. Players have to fight many zombies along the way, and the only two options are to fight or hide. There are plenty of tables conveniently located where players can crawl, along with 3D-printed weapons with limited ammo. But don’t be afraid. The knife works in all kinds of situations. By adjusting the timing of the knife attack, you were able to defeat almost every zombie in the game, with almost no need to use the game’s firepower. Combat is broken at its core, and something as simple as this should have been tested before leaving the door.

Besides combat, there are some simple puzzles. Red Colony loves PIN codes, and lockboxes, vending machines, and computers all need a combination. It’s not difficult to keep track of numbers to unlock content. It’s boring. Some puzzles require the correct combination to unlock something, but these are also pulled out. If the answer to the solution is a few feet away in the same room, it’s a busy job. Players also need to upgrade their SIM cards along the way to unlock certain doors, which is done with less effort for the player.

We were able to complete the Red Colony in just over two hours, spending time reading text messages, exploring, and reading occasional conversations. There is no reproducibility, so what you see is what you get.

Even the most enthusiastic survival horror fans will have a hard time enjoying the Red Colony. Overly basic puzzles, broken combat, and cliché plots all come together to make this a low point in this genre.

This review of Red Colony was done on Nintendo Switch. The digital code was provided by the publisher.

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Red colony review

There isn’t a shortage of zombie-based games on the market today, but Shinyuden and Runic Codes throw their hats into the ring with the new title Red Colony. 2D survival horror game


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