Red Dead Online Daily Challenge Streak Resets Every 28 Days

Following the announcement that Red Dead Online will get a cheap standalone version, Rockstar has announced that it will change the way Challenge Streak works every day. Upon arrival of the standalone version, the daily Challenge Streak will be reset every 28 days and players will be awarded an RDO $ bonus and a treasure map.

Maintaining uninterrupted daily challenges was a reliable way for Red Dead players to win gold. Red Dead Online in-game currency can also be purchased for real money in the form of gold bars. By logging in and completing at least one challenge each day, players were able to maintain a healthy reward multiplier, limited to 2.5x on day 28.

From December 1st, that will change. Instead of maintaining that 2.5x multiplier, the player must make sure that the streak has been reset on day 28 and rebuild from scratch. In effect, this means significantly less gold to complete the daily challenge, and players (many of whom have maintained streaks for hundreds of days) aren’t happy.

“Why does @RockstarGames discourage players from playing games with no playable content every day?” The curator of the Red Dead Online Community’s Twitter account said: Tweets to share in-game announcements.. “I think it makes more sense to reduce the amount of money you earn on a daily basis than to encourage people not to play games (which is true, and that’s why you do this). Let’s do it. “

Reddit players are no longer happy.

Good F # cking work rock star from RedDead Online ..

The general consensus is that rock stars are trying to lure players to buy gold instead of cultivating it in their daily challenge multiplier. This seems plausible given that the standalone Red Dead Online mode costs only $ 5.

Other players have suggested that it could mean that Rockstar is planning new repeatable content for the multiplayer mode of Western games. I know the time, but in the past it took a large clown protest to get things on the front lines.

I contacted Rockstar for comment on this issue. We will update this story with new information.

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