Red Dead Online developers offer additional free gold with the new Outlaw Pass

Red Dead Online’s new Outlaw Pass is now open and offers 100 ranks for gold, winter clothing and other rewards, but the reaction from players is a bit chilly. To help warm them up a bit, Rockstar offers an olive branch: with 10 more gold bars for those who buy a new pass for Western games before December 7th. RDO $ 400.

In addition to these 10 gold bars, the 30 gold bars that can be earned by leveling up the outlaw pass will collect the 40 gold bars that are the cost of purchasing the pass. This could help address some of the frustrations fans have expressed in the last few days, especially the recent nervousness about daily challenge streak rewards introduced in parallel with the introduction of the new standalone version of Red Dead Online. there is.

Rockstar said in a tweet announcing the bonus that within 72 hours of purchasing a new Outlaw Pass, 10 gold bars and RDO $ 400 should appear in your account.

We’re waiting for more details, but this applies not only to players who are about to buy a pass, but also to those who already have one.

The Outlaw Pass is an action-focused update over the previous Naturalist update, aimed at extending the role of existing bounty hunters by 10 ranks. Earn more money, more shootouts, and more-see if it’s enough to cheer up RDO’s more frustrated players.

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