Red Dead Online players can now get the prestigious Bounty Hunter license

The prestigious Bounty Hunter license is now available on Red Dead Online.

Red dead onlineIs now a standalone game, but with the prestigious Bounty Hunter license.

In addition to 20 from the Bounty Hunter role rank, 10 new progress ranks have been added with high level items and skills to acquire. You can also expect new weapon variations, horses, and the infamous bounty target on the bounty board.

You can purchase from any bounty board, and once you reach Bounty Hunter Rank 30, you can continue to accumulate Bounty Hunter XP. It can be traded in the Awards menu or traded for RDO $ and Gold.

Those unfamiliar with this role can remove the five gold bars from the bounty hunter license and start the role of specialist. All Bounty Hunters can get 40% off Bounty Hunter items up to Rank 20.

An authoritative bounty hunter should look at the board for information about the new Legendary Bounty starting with Jean “Bo” Finley and his gangsters. They are sought after for various bank robbers. To find them, you should start looking at Bayou Nwa’s colonial property.

The new Outlaw Pass, No. 4, is available for new outfits, emotes, camp upgrades and more.

The photos of The Naturalist Challenge are Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Through the Club, it can now be used as a free camp flag, a photo of Moonshine Bar, and a background for your photo studio.

Upgrade to the 40 Gold Bar Outlaw Pass and you’ll receive new benefits such as winter clothing, skill brochures, new school bags, advanced photography enhancements, additional cash, 30 Gold Bars, and special gifts.

This week, all players with Outlaw Pass No. 4 will receive a rebate of RDO $ 400 and 10 Gold Bars.

Not only that. “Various additions and improvements” have been introduced to the game, including the ability to combine stubble and beard styles and the ability to use advanced cameras when behind a horse.

Bounty hunters can also select and exchange learned gun spinning tricks using the new gun spinning management options in the player menu.

All Red Dead Online bounty hunter missions will also offer Double XP this week. Stay with others and earn even more RDO $ and XP payments for free roaming and bounty missions and free roaming events until December. 7.

In addition to a 5 gold bar discount on bounty hunter licenses and 40% off all beginner, promising, established and prominent bounty hunter items, new players will find double XP in all A Land of Opportunities missions. Let’s do it.

All Red Dead Online players will receive 2,000 Club XP and 2,000 Bounty Hunter XP rewards this week. If you are rank 5 or above, expect to receive a treasure map. Everyone at rank 10 and above will get a free ability card upgrade.

With the new Mustang and Missouri Fox Trotter, all brochures are 30% off, as are all melee and thrown weapons.

Wilderness Outfitters also offers 40% off all tents, camping themes, camping dogs and fast travel posts.

Additional discounts include 30% off all stable slots, repeaters, pistol horses, saddles, coats, vests and more.

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Red Dead Online players can now acquire the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License

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