Red Dead Online players have found a glitchy water wheel to fly them

There may not be a jet bike Red dead onlineHowever, it did not stop some players from coming up with new ways to fly. All you need to do is stand on a particular turbine and wait. It will soon fly like a bird.

This strange Red dead online The bug was discovered by Reddit user KayPeeJay.As they were exploring the strawberry turbine, they were suddenly and smoothly launched into the air. Immediately after they posted their findings Other players With Reddit Youtube Started testing this new glitchAnd, as expected, it worked.

Note: If you do this online, you will die on landing. perhaps..

This bug, and how it activates randomly, Grand Theft Auto IV Swing set malfunctionThis was a famous and funny bug that happened randomly when driving a car on a particular swing. It wasn’t clear what caused the reaction, like this new turbine bug. A car can fly across Liberty City with just a touch of the swing. However, I remember hitting the car against the playset many times before it was blown into the air.

While Red dead online Players are waiting for the next big and interesting update. They seem busy finding new ways to break and enjoy the world. RDO. last year, Player found a bridge in the game It flew you high in the sky, like a water wheel.

I can’t wait for people to randomly find chimneys and doors and jump into the clouds.


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