Red Dead Online will be a standalone game

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Rock star Sales start Red Dead Redemption 2Online mode as a stand-alone game for $ 5 from December 1st.

“For the first time, a new player I don’t own yet Red Dead Redemption 2 You can experience everything Red dead online Must be provided, including access to all future content updates. “Rockstar Announcement On the game website today. Red dead online You will be able to purchase all locations individually Red Dead Redemption 2 It’s on sale now, but the $ 5 price is just a referral and will expire on February 15, 2021.

Sold separately from the main game, Red dead online The installation size is 123GB and it is still huge. The game has five existing specialist roles, a story-based “Country of Opportunity “ Cooperation mission, confrontation competition Online games for modes, free roaming missions and poker. Rockstar also announced today that the role of bounty hunters has been expanded and a new 100-rank outlaw pass is underway.

Overall it was good, but Red Dead Redemption 2Online mode hasn’t been very successful yet Grand Theft Auto VAchieved, May be due to an ongoing bug, Balance issues, and content issuesghts. Released in 2014 GTA online I also got some standalone releases It will be available for free next year on the next-generation console.

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