Red light may protect vision loss

Monday, November 29, 2021

According to British researchers, a weekly dose of crimson light in the morning may protect fading vision as people grow older.

“Using a simple LED device once a week recharges the degraded energy system in the retinal cells, rather than recharging the battery,” said Glenge Free, lead author of a small new study. I am.

In a previous study, researchers found that daily three-minute exposure to long-wave crimson light turned on energy-producing mitochondrial cells in the retina and boosted naturally diminished vision.

In this new study, researchers wanted to assess the effects of weekly 3-minute exposures and whether morning or afternoon exposures made a difference.

The study included 13 females and 7 males aged 34-70 years with no eye disease and normal color vision. Participants were exposed to 670 nanometer (nm) LED crimson light for 3 minutes between 8 am and 9 am.

Their color vision was retested 3 hours after the exposure, and 10 participants were also tested 1 week after the exposure.

On average, there was a “significant” 17% improvement in color vision, which lasted for a week. According to the survey results, some older participants had a 20% improvement for a week.

According to a study at University College London (UCL), there was no improvement in color vision when the same experiment was conducted in the afternoon.

“We have shown that a single exposure to the morning long waves of crimson light can significantly improve vision loss, a major health and welfare problem that affects millions of people around the world. “Masu,” said Jeffrey, a professor at the UCL Institute. Ophthalmology said in a college news release.

“This simple intervention, applied at the population level, is likely to have a significant impact on quality of life as people grow older, leading to lower social costs resulting from problems associated with vision loss,” he said. Added.

Jeffrey said the technology is “simple and very safe.” He also believes that easy-to-use devices can be made available to the general public at an affordable price.

“In the near future, when brewing coffee or while commuting listening to a podcast, you may be exposed to crimson light once a week for 3 minutes, and such a simple addition could change. I have. Eye care And the vision of the world. “

Results were published in the journal on November 24th Science report..

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Source: University College London, News Release, November 24, 2021

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