Redout: Space Assault is Star Fox’s latest spin, coming to PC in January

Sometimes you need to dress in the cockpit, sprint through space, and blow up as many shining things as you can. That’s exactly what the Redout: Space Assault menu has. This is a modern twist on the Star Fox-style arcade space shooter that will be available on PCs and consoles in January.

Redout: Space Assault is actually the first part. The original Redout started as a “warm-up exercise” for three Italian developers who ended up creating PC-based WipeOut-style games in Unreal 4. Currently created by Studio 34 Big Things. A space game that brings Star Fox arcade shooting and storytelling to the latest systems.

According to 34BigThings, Redout: Space Assault not only teaches players the skills they need to survive, but also has a career mode that introduces a fully customizable ship that can be equipped with a wide range of weapons from traditional Gatling guns to high tech. I will. High-tech plasma cannon and shock rays. The game also features a dynamic soundtrack that gets more and more intense as the action gets hot, so make sure you have some nice gaming headphones to absorb the fat beats.

This is a public trailer:

Redout: Space Assault, previously available only on Apple Arcade, will be available on January 22 for PCs on Steam, as well as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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