Redout: Space Assault Now Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Click here for the next generation of arcade space shooters Redout: Space Assault will allow you to operate super orbital reconnaissance fighters during the colonial era of Mars in 2395. Dive into the fastest, most spectacular and exciting arcade space battles you can experience. Defeat, manipulate, overwhelm and outperform your enemies in single-player space combat that provokes adrenaline at super-fast speeds. You play as Leong Barrett, the ace fighter pilot of Poseidon Security Forces. Here at Poseidon, humanity is struggling to survive, splitting into a depleted hot earth and a cold claustrophobic moon colony, paving the way for the colonization of Mars. Your job is to maintain order by eradicating rebels and space pirates, facilitate the research of scientists, keep them safe, and protect all personnel from many external threats. Dive into a giant asteroid mining plant, shoot down rebel drones and fighters, roll left and right to avoid enemy fire, and unleash incredibly powerful missile volleys. Once you complete the mission, you can unlock cards and tokens to upgrade your fighter’s hull, shields, energy weapons and missiles, confront the giant capital ships and turn the tide of war with one hand. In an interplanetary struggle for good and evil, Leon goes up in rank and experiences the meaning of “necessary evil,” the cost of honesty, and ultimately the meaning of standing up. Features Career Mode-Learn all the skills you need to survive and win in Redout Universe. Many prosperous worlds-exotic places, epic events, epic battles across all frontiers. Deep Gameplay-Exhibits tactical advantages by testing dexterity, quick thinking, and adaptability. Larger and worse weapons-You are free to use a wide variety of weapons, from plasma cannons to shock rays, railguns, scatter shots, air-to-air missiles, and load-up gatling. Select, upgrade, and even install multiple instances on your ship. Pimp my Ride-Upgrade and scale up your spaceship. Get dozens of spaceships or board a destroyer with one hand! Drop and exchange cards to improve one side of the ship and match your style. Music for your ears-a fully dynamic soundtrack will drop the sicker the harder the experience! A lot of things to do in space Fight enemy drones, fighters, and enemy ships of all kinds in the rail shooter section. Avoid when dropping buckets of missiles and bullets one by one. Explore iridium mines and abandoned space structures in search of hideouts, resources, and rebels. Enjoy freedom of movement, reduce engine power and narrow narrow passages, but be careful not to damage the paint. Earn money quickly in enemy installations, behind enemy lines, in giant space battles, or in competition with space pirates. Assault Capital ships in missions specially designed to compete with huge ships. Each has its own strengths, weaknesses and special attacks, each of which is a turning point in the game story! Fast-paced Space Action Redout: Space Assault comes with a Redout adrenaline quality sticker. From rolling to avoid missiles to pushing the limits of the ship with enhanced boosts, all ship movements make you feel like you’re actually maneuvering a space-ready fighter. You don’t have to be a top gun right away to enjoy the game, but you certainly need some skill to reach all the bonus goals and get the most out of your fighter stats!

Redout: Space Assault Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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