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Premier League Table topper Liverpool After winning 3-0, got praise from the media Crystal Palace, Because the Reds scored 3 points and 3 goals, even though they were far from the best.

Jurgen KloppTheir subordinates underwent a rigorous test from the rejuvenated Eagles side on Saturday, yet they crossed the finish line in an impressive way. “The most difficult 3-0 victory” Evaluated the boss after the match..

Sadio Mané Notched his 100th Liverpool Goal to open score before Mohamed Salah In the second half, I filled the volley from the corner.

Great volley by Naby Keita The afternoon ended with Klopp’s team scoring 13 points from the previous 15 points this season.

Here’s how the media responded to the victory:

Liverpool is a 2019/20 shade of victory, and there is a growing sense that it looks like a team to win …

Oliver Holt of Daily mail This is”Liverpool Show “old”:

“this is, Liverpool And even if you were scared early in the game, it was a victory that suggested that you were still in the middle of the title race this season after all the adversity of last season.

“Almost for the first time since they won the title, they Liverpool This 3-0 victory is old again.


“”Manchester city When Chelsea It may have been anointed as a team to win this season, but it was a performance that reminded everyone of: Liverpool It shouldn’t be discounted so well. “

Neil Atkinson of Anfield wrap I’m sure Klopp’s men are ready to take on the challenge.

“They look ready. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe these words bother me and us, maybe they have bad luck and a tough line and make it difficult You’ll start to feel like, but soon they look like they’re ready for a serious business.


“”Liverpool It made me feel like I was taking a walk in the park for six tough days.Against us and them Leeds, We and they against Milan, and we and they against the palace. We and they oppose the entire department. “

Notable Sarah, who scored 99 league goals in the Reds, received even more praise …

Liverpool, UK-Saturday, September 18, 2021: Liverpool FC and Crystal Palace FC celebrate with Mohamed Salah, who scored two goals in the FA Premier League match at Anfield. (Photo by David Rawcliffe / Propaganda)

NS mirror‘NS Andy Dan Couldn’t hide his praise LiverpoolNo.11:

“For some reason, this seemed special. It was worth booking. Even when his teammates drifted, it was worth milking.

“Such Mohamed Salah Standing, shirtless, encouraged the praise of the Anfield crowd. They weren’t disappointed.

“Applause for the emphasized short-range volley that has put an end to it. Crystal PalaceThe quest for equality was properly thundered.

“But previously, so was the approval when Sarah returned to her penalty area to succeed in her defensive mission.


“If Liverpool If you want to win the main honors of the country and Europe, you need to change the knack of already winning games without a key player into a habit.
“And they will need to keep Sarah healthy and happy.”

Holt There was no difference as the importance of linking Sarah to new deals was re-emphasized:

“It was 12 minutes left Mosara I rushed to the ball that had dropped out of the brawl of the bodies competing for the ball in the corner.

“He advanced it without breaking the stride and shattered it beyond Vicente Guaita. Crystal Palace Goal to put Liverpool 2-0 up.His groundbreaking strike, his 100th Premier League Goal came to Elland Road last week, but Sarah had even more courage to celebrate 101.

“Maybe it was in front of the cup, maybe because there was a lot of speculation about whether he would follow the rest of the first team cohort and sign a new contract at the club, or because he knew. Maybe that was the goal it meant Liverpool You will end the day at the top of the table for the first time since January 4th. He stripped off his shirt, threw it on the grass and drank it to celebrate his fans. “

Atkinson Showed his worship of the Egyptian king:

“”Mohamed Salah The best attacker in the league. Some young people moved to this department this summer. A lot of money in wages and fees has changed hands.But none of them Mosara.. Currently, the only attackers in the world who deserve the same breath are spent every other Saturday in Paris or Munich.

“He’s the dominant offensive in the league and he started in a fuss this season. He loves it. He evokes a pulsating sensation of himself more than ever. increase. Liverpool player. NS Liverpool leader. He looked like a lot.

“In February 2018, he escalated worldwide and shot past our eyes. My God enjoyed the way we steamed.”

Others felt the need to call hail after his illustrious achievements …

Liverpool, UK-Saturday, September 18, 2021: Liverpool FC and Crystal Palace FC celebrate after scoring their first goal in the FA Premier League match at Anfield. (Photo by David Rawcliffe / Propaganda)

NS Telegraph‘NS Chris Basukomu We discussed whether the Senegalese can still be considered the most important signature of Klopp:

“There will always be people on Merseyside. Sadio Mané As the man who led the first meaningful cavalry assault under Klopp and built fertile land for later high-ranking recruits.

“The arrival of Mane in 2016 signaled the arrival of world-class entertainment, especially symbolizing its long-term end. Liverpool Spent a record fee for unexploded ordnance.

“As for Christian Benteke, the palace’s honest but limited striker, it was touching to see the man who replaced him in Anfield make his 100th strike. .. Liverpool goal.

“Mane has become the 18th player in the decorated history of the Merseyside club to celebrate its century. Already on the same pedestal as the great of Copp, this record is his record for the Merseyside Renaissance. Helped to emphasize the immeasurable contribution of. “

Ben husband of mirror Following the downturn last season, I believe the mane is once again close to his best shape:

“”Crystal Palace Must be absolutely fed up with the sight of Sadio Mané..

“Forward scored nine games in a row against the Eagles, breaking the record previously held by Robin van Persie vs. Stoke.

“His first half goal was also a first-century strike for the Reds, bringing landmarks in just 224 appearances.

Last season, Manet’s sub-par form fell slightly below the radar, but looks back on his best in the first few weeks of this. “

NS Guardian‘NS Richard Jolly Erupted with praise as well:

“”Sadio Mané I took over his place long ago Liverpool history.

“He was one scorer Champions League It was an opportunity to finish 30 years waiting for the final, another winner, and the league title. LiverpoolIn the 18th century, he joined the Pantheon. “It’s a big achievement,” he said. Jurgen Klopp.. “In the club’s illustrious history, only 18 players were able to score 100 goals.”

“Now, Manet finds himself in a prominent company at the same level as Kevin Keegan and then at the same level as John Barnes.

“Probably no more suitable or predictable victims of milestone strikes.”

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    Reds are “ready” to tilt the title as Sarah and Manet are welcomed-Liverpool 3-0 Crystal Palace Media-Liverpool FC Reds are “ready” to tilt the title as Sarah and Manet are welcomed-Liverpool 3-0 Crystal Palace Media-Liverpool FC

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