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We are approaching the midpoint of the 2021 season and the Toronto Maple Leafs have the most points in the NHL.

After commanding the Edmonton Oilers three-game sweep, Reefs holds a record of 18-5-2, sits at the top of the Canadian division seven points away from Winnipeg Jet, and is in a legitimate battle for the President’s Trophy. .. ..

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Of course, the ultimate goal of Reefs this season is to dive deep into the playoffs as great as the dominant regular season. This is something the franchise hasn’t done before the 2004-05 lockout.

With a trade deadline of just over a month, Frank Seravali and Jason Voorhees talked about the DFO rundown and whether Reefs should make a big splash to solidify themselves as a team to beat the playoffs.

Yaremchuk: There are many stories that Reefs may add Mikael Granlund to the closing date, but I think we can set a higher goal. I think a name like Taylor Hall makes sense in Toronto. Frank, I’ll start with you. Would you like to add some important top 6 winger to your deadline and buy or sell at Reefs?

Ceravalli: So, from a pure money perspective, I don’t know how to achieve such a cap hit. It requires some serious gymnastics, and it will also need a part that moves in the opposite direction, which will have an important caphit. So I’m going to sell it. I think they’re going to kick the tires with many different names, but I don’t think they need to reinvent the wheel. This is a talented team, a deep team. I don’t know they need to be wild.

Gregor: IFrank, I’m with you. It is sold because it is the number one cap space. But second, I think Toronto will do what many good teams do near the closing date. This will increase the depth of defense.

NIt’s not necessarily a big and sexy name, but I’m not going to talk about the deal after seeing how Michal Kempney made a difference in Washington a few years ago. The man turned out to be an absolute steal for them and a huge part of the Stanley Cup winning team. So I think Toronto will go out and add another defense.

I don’t think Travis Dermot will change the playoff time, and Mikko Leftnen doesn’t have enough experience. I think they want veterans to finish the top six.

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Reefs don’t have to make a splash before the closing date – TheLeafsNation Reefs don’t have to make a splash before the closing date – TheLeafsNation

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