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plot: In January 1969, The Beatles allowed filmmakers Michael Lindsay Hogg To record the preparations for their new album. Inadvertently, he was able to capture the band’s gradual collapse and put together what would eventually be the album “Let It Be”.

review: The legendary “Get Back” session has always been a Beatlemania obsession. Initially, John, Paul, George, and Ringo’s plan was to perform a live album consisting of new songs. Still, the sessions at the Twickenham movie studio were full of discord, and the project turned into a now-famous rooftop concert at Applecore’s office. Finally, the album itself became “Let it Be”. Filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg has transformed a 60-hour filming into a controversial 80-minute documentary that has been difficult to see over the last few decades.The fact that there is so much material in the vault that no one but Peter Jackson is allowed to create it. 7 hours movie A monumental event for fans.

The documentary itself is a very “flying wall” experience, with no narration or interviews. There are only occasional stock videos to liven up jazz. Instead, with the Beatles (with Yoko Ono, Lindsey Hogg, and other inner circle members), seeing them trying to shape new material into albums and some live shows. I feel like it. This wasn’t easy because the band hadn’t played live for two years when they shot the footage.

Of course, the session was also marked by discord, and in fact it wasn’t publicly announced until 1970, but it was completely disbanded later in the same year. The general perception is that men are in each other’s throat, but Jackson’s documentary dispels that notion. It’s true that they were growing apart (as everyone admits at different points in the document), but there is no screaming match or conflict. Instead, what looks like their redo is a more trivial disagreement, and George Harrison quit for a week because Paul was tired of teaching him how to play the guitar part. .. Most personal complaints occur in Part 1. Still, Part 2 and Part 3 reveal that the band not only set aside the difference in the end, but also had a pretty good time recording together after moving to the more familiar Apple Corps studio. I am doing it.

It’s interesting to see the band’s creative process working, with the famous “Get Back” changing from a protest song to a hard rocker throughout the session depicted in the movie. In addition, you can see what things were like between them. Most interesting is the depiction of the band’s attitude towards Yoko Ono. You can say they’re frustrated by the fact that she’s always sitting on the amp next to John, but they also understand that they always want to be together. I am. Ono isn’t portrayed as trying to creatively control someone. If anything, she is relatively unobtrusive and supportive.

At the beginning of Part 2, there is a great scene that reveals McCartney’s thoughts on John and Yoko. He supports and understands them as a couple, but states that he must be jealous of the fact that Lennon and he are not cooperating. As they used to. Sure, they all seem to be in control with different songs, and they’re working on the material they’ll finally release, so they’re all noodles on the piano / guitar while others aren’t around. It’s interesting to see them eating on their solo album.

One of the things worth mentioning Beatles: Get Back Not particularly user-friendly for non-fans. Jackson is a fanatic and the film is made with the same suffering in mind. Originally planned as a theater feature, it would have been more accessible to casual fans, but this 7-hour series is a spectacular detail that isn’t for beginners. For fans, this is a gold mine, making 16mm film look like it was shot in 4K, giving the Fab Four a gorgeous, lively and contemporary feel. There are some great candid moments here. It’s from the stunning (Peter Sellers always swings around to greet the amiable apple, but seems to be postponed by John’s strange humor and leaf sensation) to harmless (George Harrison). Is the science fiction show he watched on the BBC the night before).

Most importantly, when they’re together in the studio, you can see the magic happen when the particularly popular Billy Preston joins them to play the keyboard. In addition, fateful roadie Mal Evans (who was shot and killed by police a few years later) to Lindsey Hogg, whose ambition to shoot a spectacular show appears to be at odds with the band’s lower ranks. , The whole cast of characters is fascinating-key vibes. This is an invaluable document and I would like to thank Peter Jackson and Disney Plus as fans of The Beatles. They are not ashamed of the taunts, drinking and non-PC humor of these lovely young people from Liverpool. If you’re a fan, it’s an exaggerated understatement to say this is a must-see.


Regain TV reviews JoBlo

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