Reggie admits that the switch was Nintendo’s “manufacturer or break product” after the Wii U’s poor performance.

Former US President of Nintendo, Reginald Fiss Aime, recently appeared on the New York Gaming Awards Twitch Stream earlier this week with industry counterparts Jack Tretton (Sony) and Robbie Bach (Microsoft). Did.

Reggie was asked what was his decisive achievement while at Nintendo and mentioned the company’s transition (as a group) from the Wii U generation to Switch. He summarized the hybrid device as Nintendo’s “make-up or break product” after the “performance degradation” of the previous system.

Given that the Wii U has shifted just over 13 million units during its lifetime, it’s not surprising that the switch had to “hit.”

“Nintendo has made so many innovations in this area … I think what Nintendo did on Switch after the poor performance of the Wii U was that I and I were involved. That’s my lasting memory. “

“People forget that when the Wii U went on sale, its overall lifecycle performance was very poor, which means it was the worst-selling platform. Virtual Boy was a bit bad. I think the Wii U has underperformed quite radically in the market. “

“And when your only business is the video game that had to succeed next, and Switch continues to be a dynamic platform and sells very well. And the company came up with the concept and put it into action. Ability to Realize and Realize Having good first-party content as well as good third-party and independent developer content is important to the market, which I will always be proud of. “

“Along with many other things I was involved in, the switch was really a company make-up or break product, and fortunately it was a hit.”

In contrast to the Wii U, the Switch has sold over 68 million units (as of September 30, 2020), with almost no half of its lifespan.

The Wii U hosted some great first-party titles, but it was a tough time for Nintendo (again for sale) and often just as difficult for fans. Fortunately, as Reggie pointed out, things have changed dramatically since then. Switch hosts not only high-quality first-party games, but also “good” third-party and independent content.

In 2019, Reggie described the Wii U as a “fail forward.” This is because it led to the creation of Nintendo Switch.

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