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The YouTube channel GamerTagRadio recently had the opportunity to interview former Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime. The interview focused on Reggie’s favorite memory topic for 15 years at Nintendo. You can guess which was his favorite. It was the Wii Fit E3 demo just before stepping on the Wii Balance Board when he famously said “my body is ready”. This is his idea:

“There’s a lot from my first E3 to the famous words.” My name is Reggie. I’m aiming to kick my ass and name it, and I’m aiming to make a game. ” It was an amazing moment. When I played the trailer for Zelda, who became the Twilight Princess, and made the media cry on the same E3 … I literally mean! Exhausted media. These people were weeping on their faces. “

“The event that launched Wii and myself, Mr. Iwata, Mr. Miyamoto, and the athlete who won the opportunity to live together on stage. It was a magical moment.”

“Each was different. Each was special. Each helped move the business, brand and product forward. That’s what made the company’s 15 years special.”

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Reggie reveals his favourite moments as Nintendo of America president

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