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Final live One Championship This year’s card turned out to be explosive.

One: “Winter Warrior”
Headliner, Regin Arsel His kickboxing lightweight championship Islamic Murta Zaev.. The two were originally scheduled to fight in February, but Mustazaev withdrew and was replaced by Mustapha Haida. In this £ 170 encounter, Yalesel took a cautious approach in the first few rounds, but his Russian opponent took the lead and landed the most influential shots. Murtazaev scored in his jab and then away from it frustrated the Surinamese champion who had a hard time playing his game.

In the third frame, Yalesel began to settle down and his strategy of chipping with Multazaev’s first foot began to pay off. In the championship round, Yalesel landed multiple knees and kicked as his opponent struggled when aerobic exercise began to decline and the challenger was repeatedly clinched. Excessive clinch from Multazaev won a yellow card from referee Olivier Ecoste in the final round.In the end, the judge was split, as only two rewarded Yalesel for the victory, but the third favored the match. Islamic Murta Zaev.. In a post-match interview, “The Immortal” confessed that he wasn’t happy with his performance and wanted to end his next opponent and gain more respect from others in his department. I did.

At the joint main event Non-stamp
It has been submitted Ritu Phogat
Win the Atom Weight Grand Prix. At the opening stanza, federal wrestling gold medalist Foghat (7-2, 7-2 One) took advantage of her wrestling and secured the Thai in a cage in pursuit of a takedown. “Stamp Fairtex” spent most of the first round defending his opponent’s attempts, but never allowed Foghat to beat her. When the second round began, Foghat shot in, hit the takedown she was looking for, and put a stamp on her back with a successful single. The stamp turned his back on the mat and set up a triangle choke to keep the opponent busy for a while. Once out of that volatile situation, Foghat noticed that he was fighting Armbar. There was no escape this time. The official time was 2 minutes and 14 seconds, so I tapped “The Indian Tigress”. In addition to winning the 115-pound tournament, former One Atom Weight Kickboxing and Muay Thai Champion stamps (8-1, 8-1 One) Angela LeeThe throne of 2022.

In the first half of the card, the former WBC Muaythai Japan titleholder
Hiroki Akimoto A unanimous decision in a one-bantamweight kickboxing clash outpointed Glory of Heroes’ Alum Qiu Jianliang to win his fifth One victory. Saygid Guseyn Arslanaliev Won a wild rematch with (9-2, 8-2 One) Timofey Nastyukhin (14-6, 7-5 1), 49 seconds after the third frame, knock out the enemy again with a series of punches. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Heavyweight Champion “Buchecha” Marcus Almeida (2-0, 2-0 1) Tap Jiwonkan
(5-1, 2-1 One) Rear-naked choke at the 2:27 mark in Round 1.

The night started with a pancrase vet Yuya Wakamatsu (15-4, 5-2 One) Next One Hero Series graduates
(7-3, 1-1 1) With all three scorecards, Wakamatsu then called the flyweight champion. Adriano Moraes..

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Regian Eersel Fastens Islamic Murtazaev with One Lightweight Belt: “Winter Warrior” Regian Eersel Fastens Islamic Murtazaev with One Lightweight Belt: “Winter Warrior”

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