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Reginald seems to have missed WrestleMania 37 because of illness.

Former Carmella sommelier has recently increased his followers on social media in collaboration with WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Near Jacks and Sheena Basler. Many fans wondered why Reginald wasn’t with the champion as he retained Natalia and Tamina Snuca on the second night of WrestleMania 37.

In the update, WWE NXT UK superstar Amale used “Thought Emoji” to tweet about how Reginald was missing from WrestleMania at a show last weekend. Reginald responded by saying he was ill.

“”[facepalm emoji] “Marade,” he wrote in French, which translates to “illness” in English.

Nothing has been said about when Reginald will return, but the strict COVID-19 protocol makes it reasonable for WWE to keep him home. He last appeared in Gohome SmackDown recorded the previous week for the Jacks vs. Tamina match that Tamina won by DQ.

WWE first signed with Sydney Bateman in January 2020 Performance Center Class. He started using the “Akeem Young” ring name at NXT, but has been using “Reginald Thomas” since WWE brought him to the main list of sommelier roles. The St. Louis Circus Star previously worked in works such as Circus Harmony and Cirque du Soleil. The French he used in SmackDown was learned a few years ago when he attended a circus school in Montreal.

Stay tuned for more details on Reggie. You can see the related tweets below:

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Reginald 37 on why WrestleMania was missed Reginald 37 on why WrestleMania was missed

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