Reign of X: Marvel teases the next X-Men comic with a poster full of clues

At the end of X of Swords Marvel is entering a new phase of X-Men storytelling with a very strange tournament in which the newborn mutant nation Cracoa has held a very strange tournament against the champion of the ancient hardcore mutant nation Araco. First, there was the House of X / Powers of X. Then there was the Dawn of X.

Well, that’s the reign of X.

Marvel teased a new era in a traditional way. A large work of art with dozens of characters and more hints. “All of this image was included for a reason, and there’s a thrilling reward for our favorite Cracoan in the near future,” said Marvel Editor-in-Chief CBC Cebulski.

Image: Mahmud Asrar / Marvel Comics

Where to start? He has Wolverine’s secret mode as his “patch” identity. This could refer to an adventure in the Marvel Universe scum and the villainous hive, Madridpur. There are some classic non-mutant X-Men villain bullies, including Arcade, Shadow King, and Nimrod, a malicious computer intelligence that wants to wipe out all mutant types for the protection of humanity.

Laura Kinney / Wolverine and her companion Darwin have indicated that they will finally see what happened to the mutant in the Time Warp vault. The SWORD station marks the future advancement of Cracoa into extraterrestrial diplomacy. A night crawler with an X-branded book may mean that his thoughts on mutant religion are a little more moving. And wait a minute … that tall-haired man hiding in the shadow on the far left … that corps?

It was picked up by a manga editor, but the real guess is left to the real x-perts.

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