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Reinventing the Wheel Case: Why Agents Must Always Adapt

Closing the Zillow offer is a good lesson for reinventing for all agents. As consumer expectations change, real estate professionals need to adapt and create something that adds value to win the competition.

As if I needed another article about Zillow.

Seriously, by Zillow End of Zillow offer It’s unfortunate for consumers and not something agents should celebrate.

I fully understand why agents are willing to jump this announcement, that is It’s not really good. Zillow has made a business decision to withdraw from the home buying business due to the high payment of real estate.

Now, on the surface, it may seem like a good thing for agents trying to knock out competitors, but it’s actually a loss for consumers. I think the agent sees the comment and says that it was good for consumers, but not sustainable. seller.

You can build relationships with investors, banking institutions, hard money lenders, etc. and create your own version of what Zillow offers, even if the margins aren’t very favorable to consumers. They would be by listing their homes in the traditional way.

Each of us has the opportunity to provide the local market with something that makes the home selling process faster, smoother and cheaper.

My question is: Do you spend your time celebrating a competitor knocked out of a race, or do you make sure you own the next race?

Take a look at Ryan Young in Cleveland, Ohio with him FlashHouse iBuying program, or Tim Heyl in Austin, Texas Returning to Japan Cash Offer Program, or Mark Spain Guaranteed offer program, Or our Up raise Home purchase app. These people are definitely in a position to own their race.

Instead of turning this into an opportunity to show value to consumers through the failure of others, create something that benefits consumers by solving problems, putting money in their pockets, and making life easier. Consider spending time on. What I mentioned above.

These are everyday real estate agents and brokers who learn as much as they can about consumer expectations and create something that matches them.

Sorry, consumers no longer want your traditional home selling experience. As long as Zillow kills it in search, provides value to consumers, and drives traffic to their site, it’s the tool realtors need to try and win (for now).

No, I’m not saying I’m going out and buying a lot Zillow leadAlthough it may be beneficial to you. What I’m saying is to use the agent-friendly features provided by the platform, such as locations for past sales and reviews, to make it easier for consumers to find you to their competitors. Zillow makes it possible, it can be a very profitable venture for you.

Also, if it’s not provided by Zillow, you’ll get it elsewhere, so why can’t you be next time? It’s a local solution and it doesn’t matter what Zillow or any other is doing.

Jeff Glover is the founder of Living unrealistic company, The # 1 home sales team in Michigan, a real estate agent with over 600 agents, the parent company of several real estate related businesses such as home buying mobile phone apps, and the # 1 real estate in the country I am also a coach. Over 100 homes each year in the last 10 years.

Reinventing the Wheel Case: Why Agents Must Always Adapt Reinventing the Wheel Case: Why Agents Must Always Adapt

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