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Welcome Great heritageA regular series that analyzes the most important information about upcoming movies and shows. In this edition, we’ll look at what you can expect from the new Disney anime series (and where you can see it). Monsters work..

When it comes to Pixar movies, it’s pretty hard to get to the top Monsters Inc.. From dope and adorable monsters to thrilling action scenes to heartwarming lessons in friendship, 2001’s animation features are all there. Set in the monster territory of Monstropolis, the original article tells best friends Sally and Mike, employees of a well-known company tasked with scaring children and collecting the energy generated by their screams. Continue.

Monsters Inc With criticism, the box office was a huge success, with over $ 500 million in worldwide sales and the third place in the world for the year. It received one of the first Oscar nominations for Best Animated Film Awards, was recognized by the Academy in three other categories, and won the Best Original Song Award. 1 year since its release Monsters Inc Produced a short film, Mike’s new car, This was also nominated for an Oscar.

More than 10 years have passed before Pixar provided feature follow-up in the first part of 2013 Monsters University, Around the time Sally and Mike met at college. Although not nominated for an Academy Award, the film was another hit for Pixar and Disney, who acquired the studio a few years after the original distribution, and generated over $ 700 million in revenue worldwide. So, almost 10 years later, it makes sense that Disney decided to return to Monstropolis again.

This time, however, it’s because of the title anime TV series Monsters work..What can fans do Monsters Inc The world and characters are looking forward to the show, and where can they see it? Everything you need to know is here.

Monsters Work Release Date (and Highlights)

Like many TV shows to be released in 2021, Monsters work I was late many times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the gang of non-conforming monsters are finally ready to make their debut in the glorious world of streaming, and now nothing has stopped them. 2 episodes special will be unveiled for the first time Disney + July 7. After that, a new episode will be released every Wednesday to September 1st, ending the 10th and final episodes.

Monsters work cast

Even if the franchise hits a small screen Monsters work Stick to that big star. John goodman Returned as our favorite charming orc, James P. “Sally” Sullivan. Billy crystal He also replays his role as a moody but kind-hearted Mike Wazowski. John Ratzenberger I’m back as a Yeti, Bob Peterson Come back as a snail-like roz, Bonnie hunt, Jennifer Tilly,and Alfred Molina It’s in the well-known voice of additional repetitions from the franchise.

Monstropolis also greets some newcomers, including: mad Menof Ben Feldman Monsters, Inc. rookie Tyler Taskmon, Monsters work,plus Mindy Culling As his best friend, Val Little, and Henry Winkler As his boss, Fritz. Lucas Neff Sitcom Grow hope And Alanna Ubach, Pixar’s Mama Imelda’s voice Here, Conclude the main cast.

Monsters work plot

It’s been a lot of time in the real world since I said goodbye to my furry eye-catcher friend, but in Monstropolis things are recovering from a break from the 2001 movie.As you may remember from the end Monsters IncThe monster community has just discovered that children are harmless and their laughter is a good medicine. So now their new job is to make children laugh rather than scream. This may be a little harder than you think.

Monsters work I mainly follow Monsters, Inc.’s newcomer Tyler Taskmon. I just graduated from Monsters University and have big horns, so it’s not suitable for work to get along with children. So he is given a maintenance position. However, he decides to go up to the floor of laughter with idols Sally and Mike.like Monsters Inc, A series of misfortunes inevitably follows — and if we know our monsters, only a handful of heartwarming, tearful moments.

Watch the trailer

There are not many guarantees in life.But judging from the trailer, it’s an almost completed deal Monsters work It will carry as much courage, peculiarity, and soul as its predecessor. Check it out here:

How did COVID influence the series?

Development for Monsters work The COVID-19 pandemic, which began in 2017, has actually become an important part of the show’s world-building.Showrunner Bob Gunaway Told to CBR.com:

“It sounds obvious, but it took almost a year to understand the really simple idea of ​​a scary person, a character dreaming of becoming an idolized sari, after graduating from scary school. That’s why. After going to MU, the universe throws a curve ball at him and his entire life plan is upside down. How is he going to deal with it?

And interestingly, there is this COVID situation. This is about the universe of the world throwing us a curved ball. How do you deal with it? And it became an interesting character. Because our main character, the character, can be flawed in the sense that what I want is robbed of me, which is unfair. Therefore, the audience will hopefully connect to it. “

So if you need another reason to see Monsters work —But let’s face it, you probably weren’t — Head to Disney + See how the show’s creators found a silver lining in an unfortunate situation.

Release date, cast, trailer, etc.

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