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Jono Carroll [20(5)-2(0)-1] He is within the contact distance of another world title shot and believes he will be busy in Dubai next month while waiting for the road to the second slope to clear.

“King Kong” defeated Americans and moved to WBA World Title Pole Position Andy Vance Earlier this year in Hollywood, Miami.

Dublin, who challenged Tevin Farmer for the IBF Super Featherweight World Title in March 2019, is now waiting for the winner of Champion Roger Gutierrez’s Defense against Chris Colbert..

The battle for the world title was pushed back in January, so the Spanish-based fighter decided to fight Duval in December instead of relying on his glory.

Carroll suggests that eight rounds at the Coca-Cola Arena will be his last before the next slope.

“I’m really close to that shot,” Carroll explains.

“What happened there was that the champion and number one were intended to fight in December, which was a big part of why my team took me out in December, but now. So to be honest, I’m going to stay busy, as they look like they were pushed back in January, “he adds.

“I have to focus on my current job and keep winning. When I’m ready for the champion, I’ll jump straight in there with him. When he prepares, not when I prepare. Is more or less. “

Carol is effectively busy with the Pro Vellum card, but I don’t think your standard is busy with your opponent. The spotlight-loving bearded warrior expects a challenge on the night of the Middle East battle. ..

“I look forward to a good fierce fight in Dubai,” he continued.

“I’m at a level where I can’t do a lot of easy fights right now, so I’m looking forward to a good level. It’s not a TV slot, so I think I’m going to make eight rounds to keep it in shape. I’ll be on the show. Before I did, the TV slots were already in use. I was just barely jumping into the show, but I’m happy to be busy. I’m happy to be out before Christmas. ”

The always-interesting southpaw is now in Las Vegas, helping Devin Haney prepare for a clash with Jo Jo Diaz. At the age of 29, he revealed that his relentless approach was considered an ideal job for Diaz.

“The Devin Haney team is fighting Jojo Diaz, so I contacted me to go out and spar. I’m fighting in a similar style. Jojo he’s fighting him. They said they were going to be dogs, so they wanted someone who relentlessly rang me.

“It’s great to be here. I’ve learned a lot and it’s great. It’s great to see how they all train and get into the details. They’re a lot different from us. Devon is a world champion, so it’s good to choose his brain and ask his team a lot about his strength and conditioning. It’s good to be around. “

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Relentless Jono Carroll is “really close” to his second world title shot Relentless Jono Carroll is “really close” to his second world title shot

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