Relive the legend of Commander Shepard in Mass Effect Legendary Edition and pre-order now

Get ready to play Commander Shepard’s movie story — your decisions have serious consequences for action and outcome — and pre-order Mass Effect Legendary Edition Today at the Xbox Store, we’re ready to return to the detailed world of the Mass Effect series for the May 14, 2021 Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.Xbox Game Pass Ultimate EA Play members can also enjoy a 10% pre-order discount Mass Effect Legendary Edition At the Xbox store.

The· Mass Effect Legendary Edition Includes single player content and over 40 DLC Mass effect, Mass effect 2,and Mass effect 3 – Remastered in 4K Ultra HD with enhanced performance, HDR, visuals and graphics in addition to enhanced models, shaders, FX, lighting and depth of field. In addition, you can choose to play in “Favor Quality” mode to increase the resolution or “Favor Framerate” to increase the FPS.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Relive the legend of Shepherd by improving hair, makeup, eye color and skin color, creating and customizing your own characters to move between games. You can customize everything from appearance and skills to personalized weapons. It then guides the elite scouts across the galaxy of turmoil, seamlessly moving your choices from one game to the next. Each decision you make controls every mission, every relationship, every battle result, and even the fate of the galaxy itself.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Have more to share Mass Effect Legendary Edition It will be launched shortly for the launch of the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One on May 14, 2021. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play members also enjoy a 10% pre-order discount. Mass Effect Legendary Edition At the Xbox store. For now, for all the latest Xbox game news, keep an eye on Xbox Wire here.

Editor’s Note (February 2, 9:40 am): In the second paragraph of the article, I fixed the details about the features of the game.

Relive the Legend of Commander Shepard with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Now Available for Pre-order

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