Remapping the button will make the immortal Fenyx Rising even better

Phoenix shooting an arrow with the rise of the immortal phoenix

screenshot: Ubisoft

Immortal phoenix sizingUbisoft’s latest open world game set in the mythical ancient Greece Pretty good.. It’s even better if you rock the standard control scheme.

By default Immortal Map the attack input to the shoulder button. RB for light attacks, RT for heavy attacks (for Xbox). This is an insult to those who swear at Face Button School. You can technically customize the entire suite of controls, but because there are so many different inputs Immortal, You should come across some interference. Throw a light attack at X, as nature intended, ruining evasion and sprint input. Put your fierce attack on Y (another instance of the will of nature) and you are interfering Five Other actions. And if you double the input of the same button, there is a problem that the color changes with the shade of the red universal warning sign of the fire engine.

Immortal fenyx rise control scheme

There are a lot of reds here, but believe me, it works fine.
screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

This is enough to give up the player and fall back into the game’s unstable standard control scheme. But you don’t have to give up. Take it from me.I sank a considerable amount of time Immortal— 25 hours is a bit shy — and seems to have nailed a plan that was mostly fully functional.

First, make a light attack on X and a heavy attack on Y. Your heavy attacks now share stealth attacks, drops, interactions, summons and buttons for mount actions, as well as heracles strength, input to sacred things. Move You don’t have to worry about confusing the last one, as you need to keep pushing LB to pull up the circle of divine power. Think of Heracles’ strength as LB + Y, not Y as the game says. Stealth attacks can be left alone. Immortal Stealth attacks can only be performed when the prompt pops up, and the priority seems to go to stealth move. I also kept dropping Y without any problems.

A violent attack on Y seems to overwrite that input, so you need to change the input to call the mount. RT does the trick. Yes, on paper, it’s an input for shooting arrows and Hephaistos hammers, but both of these movements require a second button: LT and LB, respectively. Again, regardless of the content of the game, think of these as LT + RT or LB + RT, not just RT.

Also note that a light attack is colliding with the sprint and the evasion button. Regardless of the reason Immortal No matter what you do, paste the sprint and dodge the same input. I replaced it with RB. Sprinting on X is a strange choice as it is.

All these caveat (and that’s a big problem) is that you can’t talk about how it affects the parry of games that are mapped to LB and RB by default.My playstyle focuses on perfect avoidance rather than perfect parry, and gear loadouts reflect that, so I tend not to parry often. Immortal.. Some tweaks may be required for Parry to work, but the above should be a good baseline for alternative control schemes.

Immortal It’s not the only big game from the fall that relies on shoulder buttons for standard attacks.There is Assassin’s Creed ValharaAnother Ubisoft map game that uses RB and RT for light and heavy attacks. (Be careful before jumping on horses and wolves when remapping attack input to face buttons. You are warned.) Godfall, PlayStation 5 uses R1 and R2. Frustratingly, you still can’t rock them.

And Ghostrunner, A first-person parkour game where R1 is a jump and R2 is an attack by default.Initially Bristle in layoutBut soon, it turned out that switching the button to a more standard scheme with face buttons actually hindered the ability to work on the game’s high-wire platform. I put it back. Using shoulder buttons for standard action game input is not a mean design choice in itself. It just has to feel natural.To Immortal— In most third-person action games, in fact — the face button is in place.

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