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And you can play as Wonder-Bayonetta.

The Wonderful 101: If you haven’t experienced the chaotic splendor of Remastered yet, but are still intrigued enough, developer PlatinumGames is a free game for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC 2 We offer a time demo.

The new Wonder-Size Cadet demo (formally known), available for download now, features Wonderful 101: Remastered’s complete prologue and Operation 001-players command miniature-filled screens, revealing the game Heroes, who provide a rational introduction to unique isometric actions, fight in unison.

In-game currency and support items are provided from off to drive the action, and if you decide to buy, you can carry over all progress throughout the game.

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The Wonderful 101: A remastered wonder-sized cadet trailer.

For those who want to add a little slinky pizza to the demo, there is also the option to play as a Bayonetta (more specifically, Wonder Bayonetta) equipped with Scarborough Fair Unitemorph abilities, Witch Time Dodge and more. Usually a secret character that can be unlocked in full games.

Accessing Wonder-Bayonetta in the right way is usually a bit difficult given that you have to complete all the achievements in the game, but developer Platinum now uses game-wide code. And make her readily available to all players.

To use it, players must first download the new 1.03 update for the game. This adds a new Wonderful Code feature and the save game transfer option mentioned above. Entering Vol.1 UMBRANGIFT into the new code menu will allow access to Wonder-Bayonetta and Vol.2 ANGELSLAYERS will unlock her companions Wonder-Jeanne and Wonder-Rodin.

Martin Robinson of the Wonderful 101: Remastered earlier this year, “But it’s the anarchy that’s key to The Wonderful 101, and it’s done much of Hideki Kamiya’s work. The Wonderful 101 is the most imperfect platinum, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that. There’s really a thrill in all that mess. “


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