Remedy has no plans for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Remastered

Alan Wake Climaster It came out recently and brought the 2010 game to the present day. However, Remedy Entertainment doesn’t seem to be released either. Alan Wake American Night Mary Master As the team said, as the team said “no plans” for such titles, anytime soon.

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Communication Director Thomas Puha talked about this in an interview VideoGamesChronicle..When prompted American Nightmare Puha discontinued the idea as similar updates will be provided for the latest hardware.

“Currently, there are no plans,” he said. “For this remaster, it was really’ok, it’s the original game and two DLC story episodes’, and it just gets wise Alan Wake Experience and packaging, and that’s how we approached it.No, I have no plans American Nightmare Jeez. “

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Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Not always remembered in the context of the series, it was a shorter, extensible game released about two years after the first title. It not only added a mode focused on some arcade combat, but also continued the franchise story, Alan Wake In a time loop (have Become a trend recently) Mr. Scratch while he confronted the enemy.

American Nightmare As with the base game, it was not received because the score was 10 points lower. Metacritic73 compared to 83.The studio seems it’s getting ready Alan Wake 2 So it’s unique to leave this title on PC and Xbox 360, given that it’s relatively important to the story of the series. Mr Puha also said that there was no “current” plan and no “at all” plan, so it is still possible. Alan Wake American Night Mary Master Eventually it will see the light of day, but even if it is remastered, it seems to take quite some time.

Remedy has no plans for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Remastered

https://www.comingsoon.net/games/news/1198315-alan-wakes-american-nightmare-remastered-no-plans Remedy has no plans for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Remastered

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