Reminiscence Review: Lisa Joy’s Westworld Follow-up Presents Another Terrible Future

Broadly speaking, there are two types of dystopian science fiction films. One assumes that the protagonist has a way to fight the distorted world, and ironically it decides that it is not.Counterattack movie (like hunger game also Elysium also Divergence also Ready player one) In general, create one big representative villain for heroes to fight to set things right. But movies that are too late tend to be less exciting and less thrilling, but often much more subtle, textured, and more familiar to us living in a world where there is nothing simple and obvious. Is a villain.

Westworld Creator Lisa Joy’s Noir-The Mystery of the Future Recollection Shows the reason.It It does not mean that great evil will occur in the future where it is already happening and that no one can fight them. Instead, the characters fight their smaller, more personal battles, and more than anything else, despair. Recollection There isn’t much hope for a better future, but no matter how fantastic the actual details are, it works at least at a realistic and friendly level.

of Recollection, Artificial climate change has melted polar ice caps, rising sea levels, and a series of wars to secure declining resources and valuable arid lands. The setting is Miami, the future of floods, with some areas where huge walls keep the sea mostly in the bay, while others are now similar to Venice, with canals instead of streets and cars instead. There is boat traffic. The daytime temperatures are also very high, making Miami completely nocturnal.

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But that doesn’t mean that someone is working on solving the problem.Floods, wars and heat are not just the calculated background RecollectionIn fact, they are the long-accepted background of the entire culture of exhausted and helpless characters. The changes brought to the city appear in the background of virtually every shot, but no one has commented on this, except for the disastrous narration in Hugh Jackman’s account. It’s all about the future of the junk they finally get. It’s no wonder that the main theme of the film is nostalgia and that it’s obsessed with lost comfort.

Jackman starred as Nick Banister, the owner of a small store that provides clients with a completely immersive flashback into their past. Nick with drugs, immersion tanks, electric brain guidance, and his old military partner Watts (WestworldThandiwe Newton) allows people to completely re-experience their memory, perfect every detail, and complete it as if you were there. A stage-like visualizer simultaneously presents those memories to everyone in existence with stylish 3D glory. The visualizer doesn’t seem to matter at first. If the technology is designed to allow clients to relive the past, why is it important that others in the room also see those memories?

But Joy brings the same idea through his quest for technology: Recollection She brought Westworld.. While the new technology looks flashy and cinematic, it also has social-changing implications. As a court testimony tool, it helps to unravel the truth of the situation, and as a police cross-examination tool, it is used to dig up memories. Of the criminal. And in such cases, memory is more important to facility witnesses who see the drug-immobilized subjects perform in live colors than to provide them.

But it’s all about the background.The real purpose of the visualizer Recollection He’s lost in the mystery of his memory, so it’s about getting Nick completely into his past. One night, as he and Watts look at their usual customer list, a woman named May (Rebecca Ferguson) slips in and asks for help in remembering where she put the key. She and Nick soon become lovers until they suddenly disappear. Convinced that something terrible had happened to Mei, Nick searches for clues and begins to relentlessly recall his memory. Gradually, he gets a hint that she wasn’t the one she said, and he’s drawn into a criminal plot, and Watt reluctantly follows him.

Hugh Jackman is a 3D reproduction of Rebecca Ferguson, wearing a sexy red dress, singing at a nightclub and starring in a memoir.

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Watt is clearly in love with Nick, at least to some extent, but she is also ruthlessly practical and has a clear eye on his ruthless obsession with double-sided women who appear to be ahead.Its three-way dynamics, and the film’s focus on music, performance, tech-backed memory revival, and growing social unrest, all strongly remind Kathryn Bigelow’s brilliantly messy and criminally unusable 1995 science fiction film. Strange days..Even the particular racial dynamics of casting seem to be intentional — Newton’s role in this film is Angela Bassett’s. Strange days, And they are also considered as tight-eyed, self-contained warriors-women who fully know they are half in love with a sentimental mass are a little more angry about it. I am. (As the audience may be — the ghost of yet another talented and bad woman in color chasing after a chunky, self-absorbing white man who barely notices her RecollectionThe worst echo of what was already painful dynamics. )

but, Recollection Often looks like the nostalgic echo of a Bigelow movie, but it leans even more strongly into the dynamics of traditional noir movies. Strange days, When Nick tries to hunt down Mei’s past. In a sense, she is a traditional femme fatale, a beautiful mystery that has entered the life of hero Passy, ​​turn it over, and return to her worries to follow him and fix it. Tempt. But she has more than a cliché. Ferguson keeps her attractive and opaque, and can’t read enough to sell the mystery. Meanwhile, Jackman turned Nick into a widely open book, coveting one good thing he had in his sneaky recent life naked, and believing that it might have been a lie. I could not do it.

Individual viewers will certainly bring their emotional prejudice to Nick’s interpretation, by seeing him as a romantic hero, pursuing true love in the game, or rejecting it. To let go of his irrational obsession, it will greatly shape whether you see yourself or others as an annoying stalker who constantly puts you at risk. He’s certainly a little bit of both, but it’s an interesting irony that a movie engrossed in recollected memories is played very differently to different audiences, based on their own memories of past relationships. .. Jackman is a charismatic performer as usual, but the script is easy to make him repetitive, ignorant, simple, abusing boundaries and offending him and his quest. Again, movies almost always reward this kind of stubborn pursuit of seemingly unwilling women, so the memories of past romantic comedy and noir movie viewers set their expectations. May also be useful.

As a noir mystery Recollection Certainly solid, with a range of complexity and amazing exposure, and genre-friendly support for slimy gangsters and rich monsters with double crossings and double deals. Especially for those who aren’t fascinated by Nick’s monomania, the dynamics of the character almost fail. Nick’s narration overexplains that the audience should not only lead to Maudlin’s self-pity, but also be subtle and interpretive, allowing viewers to quietly immerse themselves in the elaborate dystopian spectacle of the film. Prevent It’s an exciting and disturbing drug that constantly steers the audience and tries to tell them what they think and how they feel. Joy’s symbolism can be hard work as well. A little business with the Queen, repeatedly lost from Trump’s deck, is a ridiculously free stage craft in a story about a missing woman.

Thandiwe Newton stands by Reminiscence's junky retrofuturism immersion tank

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It feels overall Recollection It’s as if Joy doesn’t trust viewers to follow the story unless everything is explained, re-explained, symbolically re-transmitted, and allowed to be played in flashbacks. The story isn’t that complicated, and holding it in your hand slows down the action of an already winding, melancholy story.

And as she did Westworld, Joy becomes painfully smart RecollectionTimeline. Use the technology she invented to tinker with viewer perception. However, while plots have many chicanies and ingenuity that can feel more focused on mechanics than characters, flashback machines around the world are a natural tool for creating stories like this one. Looks like. They give Nick a window to other people’s perspectives on May, and as the truth unfolds, Joy shows viewers exactly how things happened by making them effortlessly walnuts in the past. It will be like.

It’s a little more subtle irony of a movie that’s happening clearly in a terrible, sometimes unavoidable future. But then Recollection I rarely look forward to it. This is a disgusting, deliberate warning of where we are heading, not only in the global science fiction mode, but also at the individual level, towards a world where the only comfort in our former memories exists. .. Given the cynical view of what makes life valuable and what we have to do to maintain it, it seems to be depressing in one or more ways. But how aggressively science fiction is looking for a terrible future, and how our reaction to it, is as specific and personal as the actions we get to get there first. And it’s refreshing to see that it’s likely to be selfish. place.

Recollection It made its debut in theaters on August 20th and is currently being streamed exclusively on HBO Max until September 19th.

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