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According to Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul, Formula 1 has the potential to become an energy battlefield that stays on the cutting edge of technology in the future.

As discussions began at the latest in 2026 on the framework of the new hybrid engine rules, more and more focus has been placed on how the best F1 will continue to be attractive to fans and manufacturers.

The new regulations provide F1 with the opportunity to plan potential new technologies for engine development, fuels and batteries.

One of the key directions F1 wants to take is to be at the forefront of sustainable fuel development. We believe this can have significant environmental benefits while the majority of road cars continue to run on internal combustion engines.

For Abiteboul, whose Renault boss has completely recommitted to F1 beyond the team’s rebranding as Alpine in 2021, the sporting potential of the next few years is very exciting.

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“I think there is a very interesting kind of field open to energy development,” explained Abiteboul.

“Formula 1 is all about energy, what kind of fuel you need, what kind of battery you want to use, everything will be a sport.

“I think these things are very important from an industry breakthrough perspective. In my opinion, F1 has a big role to play in leading in that regard.

“Obviously, these things will affect not only sports, but also cars. [market]But frankly, it’s very large. “

F1 has already developed a second generation biofuel and is sending it to the current manufacturer for testing to check its suitability for future engines.

FIA President Jean Todt believes that it is imperative that motor racing governing bodies do everything they can to ensure F1 sustainability amid growing awareness of environmental issues.

“You’ll cover all member states, they’re talking about climate change and the environment,” he said.

“As motorsport regulators and legislators around the world, and as the world’s largest road user organization, it is imperative to talk about sustainability, the environment and pollution.”

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Renault boss Abiteboul predicts F1 could be an energy battlefield | F1 News–renault Renault boss Abiteboul predicts F1 could be an energy battlefield | F1 News

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