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William Regal was a true veteran in the world of professional wrestling, competing around the world before going to WWE.He was one of the creative brains behind NXT and helped the brand prosper. Before Vince McMahon took over. Renee Paquette also seems to have recently opened a WWE release.

The company decided to release many talents and staff members shortly after the evil of NXT’s New Year last week.This includes names such as: William Regal shocked many people.

While talking Bust open radio, Renee Paquette talked about William Regal being fired by WWE. Packet said it couldn’t understand why it killed her and WWE fired someone like William Regal.

“You can’t get over the fact that William Regal was let go of WWE. It just kills me. You can’t bother with the thought process of not letting William Regal participate in wrestling promotions.

When you think of the respect that comes from William Regal, you think of history and knowledge. To summarize William Regal as a wrestler, a mentor, a creative side, and even putting him in the position of GM, there’s everything.

He just brings a lot to the table. As you continue to listen to these releases, different names will pop up. Samoa Joe is another person you like, “What’s happening here?”

It’s upset, it’s really upset, and it beats me. I know William Regal is confident that he will land happily somewhere and make good use of his service somewhere, and I can’t wait to see what it is.

Maybe he isn’t, maybe he just wants to hang out. I don’t know what William Regal will do, but I’m sure there are people who were just one of the foundations of NXT. Perhaps part of what happened here is looking at the basics of what was NXT when moving forward with NXT 2.0. “

also, WWE’s talent has fallen since William Regal was released.. William Regal’s contribution to WWE, especially NXT, can never be underestimated. You have to wait for what Regal will do next.

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Renee Paquette can’t understand why WWE released William Regal Renee Paquette can’t understand why WWE released William Regal

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