Renewed expansion for the 6th and final seasons

Expansion was updated in the sixth and final season of Amazon Prime. This news will arrive within a month of the Season 5 Premiere on December 16th. The news was announced in a press release sent Tuesday. Show runner Naren Shankar shared his love for the show’s fans and the show’s creative team in a statement.

“The dedication and artistry of everyone who helps bring the Expanse to the screen is amazing. Our fans are great and can’t wait to join Season 6!”


The Expanse is based on a series of novels of the same name. Eight novels have been released in the main series since 2011. The ninth and final book in the series will be released in 2021..

The Expanse TV series follows books, with each season mainly adapting to one book in the series. Season 4 will adopt the fourth book, and Season 5 will adopt the fifth book.

Novel fans know that the seventh book will be featured in the sixth book at a time when it makes sense to stop the TV show.


Vernon Sanders, co-head of television at Amazon Studios, said in a statement that fans of the show would have a decisive ending.

“We are very pleased to give the incredibly loyal and passionate fans of The Expanse a satisfying conclusion to the series they deserve,” Sanders said. “They will love how Season 5 and Season 6 unfold.”

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