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Repeat this cycle to the end — Property cycle

$ 15,000. This is the amount the subscriber created in 4 months based on my recommendation in January. Cycles, trends, forecasts.. I told them yesterday to profit.

I do not point out to brag about this. What I’m talking about with Catherine Cashmore, the 18-year land cycle, just emphasizes that it doesn’t just apply to the real estate market.

It can also guide your equity investment!

It will take the last 4 months. They have had a hard time getting a lot of stock. Afterpay fell 50% from the 2021 high.

Each “WAAX” stock has been lost at least 20%. And this week I saw a company called EML Payments doing 40% pasting.

Cogan shareholders are having a tough day today after the company has lowered its profit outlook.

the current Cycles, trends, forecasts The buylist has so far succeeded in avoiding this type of genocide. The worst position is -4.8% from the remaining 10 shares. The highest is over 190%.

That doesn’t mean that all positions are slam dunk winners like the one above.

But overall I’m very happy. It is designed to bring capital growth and income as the real estate cycle rises. Not for riverboat gamblers or crypto speculators.

Subscribers are also trying to get a lump of dividends at the end of the fiscal year.

This cycle is especially useful on days like Wednesday. I’m sure you know that ASX whiplashed that day — the worst session since February.

However, these types of days can offer excellent buying opportunities for the long-term positions we have.

For example, two of my recommended REITs paid a yield of 6% and are currently trading under “net tangible assets.”

Low prices from volatility like Wednesday is a great invitation to accumulate more.

But you need belief. It only comes from understanding the driver behind the cycle.

In general, this is why I started avoiding all energy stocks. I’m talking about oil, gas, energy retailers, uranium, and so on. I don’t know where it is going now.

For example, the Spanish government has come out and said it has banned oil and gas exploration in the country.

This is above all symbolic, as Spain does not produce much fossil fuels.

However, all public authorities must sell all of their holdings in companies involved in the production, refining and processing of fossil fuels.

Due to the acquisition from the Narrabri mine in Whitehaven Coal, you can see the same dynamics as the loyalty stream is flowing.The· Australian Financial Review The current owner, the UK company, has earned 1% of its revenue but reports that it is considering selling it. Given the environmental pressure on coal, will it be enough games to buy it?

One of Whitehaven’s partners in another mine wants to sell to reduce carbon exposure.

These are no longer just economic considerations. It’s all annoying and annoying to me.

But I recently completed a book called World for sale.. It’s about the rise of the great commodity exchanges from around 1950 to the present.

These people have earned billions of dollars from oil, coal and grains. One of the ways they did it was to buy and sell to anyone.

It didn’t matter if it was an African dictator, a war zone, or a political poison. If it had dollars, they would do it.

One of the possible ways was that they were private. They only had to answer their conscience, not many shareholders.

I think the coal business will be like that soon. By the way, I’m not saying that working with coal is immoral.

All I’m saying is that public pressure on the industry is too annoying for public companies.

Private commercial homes can take it over and send it to anyone who wants it — it’s still a lot of people around the world.

Don’t bother looking into the field, as you don’t want to bother.

For my money and my subscribers, it’s been a real estate cycle.

nice to meet you,

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Calm Newman,
Editor, Daily Reckoning Australia

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Repeat this cycle to the end — Property cycle Repeat this cycle to the end — Property cycle

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