Repentance, Sinner, Crusader Kings 3 Ruler Designer Is Too Powerful

As the new ruler designer arrived at Crusader Kings III, we were in a dire situation. Our naivety thought this would be the cause of the celebration, but couldn’t explain the horror posed by the 3D characters. Things are getting very strange, so read on.

Crusader Kings III’s Ruler Designer is a tool that allows you to customize your character to your heart’s content. This was a popular add-on feature for Crusader Kings II at the time, and of course players have been eager to get the latest version of the medieval grand strategy game. However, the paradox is giving players so much power that they are creating vicious monsters that rival the worst demons that emerge from the Dark Souls character creation screen.

To be fair, players are trying to recreate the Game of Thrones cast and it’s doing a pretty good job. Charles Dance as a Tywin Lannister is immediately recognizable, as shown below, and Kit Harington’s John Snow is on target.

This is Taiwin:

Crusader Kings Tywin Lannister

And everyone’s favorite northern keeper, John Snow:

My view on Jon Snow from Crusader Kings

Things are starting to get worse with Lord Farquaad.

Mandatory Farquad from Crusader Kings

And I think I might hate Crusader King Stanos more than the actual Thanos:

Crusader Kings CK3 Thanos

You can also make attractive people like Tom Selleck.

I made middle-aged Tom Selleck for Movember. From Crusader Kings

… and the handsome Icardo:

The handsome King of Crusader Kings

However, Paradox has decided to oppose imposing too many restrictions on Ruler Designer. In other words, you can also create huge entities that violate normal physiology rules. This is one such mutant:

The new ruler designer is far deeper than I could have imagined, enabling a truly cursed piece from Crusader Kings.

Someone even recreated Pokemon Mutou in Crusader Kings III:

As you can see, Crusader Kings’ subreddit is an interesting reading today. If you’re interested in getting started with the game, check out the Crusader Kings III Beginner’s Guide and the new Ruler Designer Usage Guide. You will soon rule medieval Bohemia as King Bevis or Butthead.

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