Repetitive dreams on PC, Mac, iOS and Android

Hello everyone! I’m a game developer and have created a demo of the game Recurring Dreams for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS that I want to share. The details are as follows. I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is welcome.

About the game:

Recurring Dreams is the story of a lucid dreamer named Rath, trapped in a world of dreams that can’t wake up. There he finds strange powers that can connect with other dreamers, and adventures to help their innermost anxieties, looking for his own way to awakening. Using the power of clarity, Russ confronts the recurring nightmares within them and inspires courage and hope within them. Will he find a way back to reality? Play around and find out!

Experience fast-paced side-scrolling action while exploring the Dream World! Try the demo and experience smooth physics and control for yourself. The game features a customizable keyboard, gamepad, and touchscreen controls (touchscreen is recommended for multi-touch devices only).

Demo function:

1 Tutorial stage

One-level selection hub (although there is only one demo choice, but the final version expands / decorates this area a bit more)

1 Primary Stage: Cloud Towers Carnival (You can remake this a bit in the final version to make it fresh and give you better exploration / secrets)

4 attack powers to use / learn called concept, 5 layers each growth

The power of two spells to use / learn called thinking

1 Leveling system with difficulty / reward adjustment

A three-attribute system for character customization called recognition, intelligence, and proficiency

Two mini games to discover

One item upgrade to find

7 interactable NPCs

Three customizable control systems: keyboard, gamepad, touch screen

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