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After a long-awaited week-long break for the Christmas holidays, Barcelona will face Eibar on Matchday 16 in Liga. Ronald Koeman wants to further develop his amazing performance with Real Valladolid, who has developed another setup.

As the routine directs, the Dutch spoke to the media before the clash with Eibar and covered a number of topics, including Lionel Messi, Ousmane Dembele, Pedri, and his tactics for tomorrow’s match. Barça TV).

About Eibar and his strategy

“Tomorrow we will face a very competitive rival. Like Valladolid, we have to be good. If it doesn’t work, the game will be very complicated,” said one point above the relegation zone. Koeman says in honor of the team currently sitting in 17th place in.

When asked about which formation he would deploy and whether to continue the three with the back system he used Against Real Valladolid, Koeman says:

“3-5-2 System? I can talk about tactics, but the most important thing for me is the energy and effort of the players.”

About Lionel Messi

A long-awaited interview with Lionel Messi’s La Sexta TV was released yesterday, He talked about a few things, but didn’t give any hints about his future, saying he would come to a conclusion in that respect at the end of the season. Koeman was asked about it and he said to it:

“Messi’s Interview? I think it’s perfect for him to do an interview to convey his opinion. The only thing we can do is get the most out of Leo in the game. What Happens? I will look at. “

He continues on the same topic, “I haven’t seen Messi’s interview, but I’m grateful that he talked a lot about me. I’m trying to move the team. It’s a transition. It’s a year and he’s a very important player. “

In the same interview, Messi talked about his future after his playing career, he said he didn’t see himself as a coach, but he might be better suited for the role of sports director. I did.

“If Leo thinks he’s a sports director, that’s okay. I think the best thing for Barcelona is that he’s still in the club after retirement.”

Next, the topic moves on to Leo’s involvement in tomorrow’s games. Argentina went on a Christmas holiday shortly after the match against Valladolid, but was supposed to return to Eibar’s outing. Alas, Koeman commented that he seemed to have an ankle injury and would not be in the match tomorrow.

“Argentine Messi? Leo felt uncomfortable with his ankle. He couldn’t train or play tomorrow, so we gave him another two days off. He was after the match against Eibar. I’ll be back. Doctors say a week without training is good for Leo. “

About Dembele and Pedri

Ousmane Dembele suffered a hamstring injury to Cadiz and excluded him for more than two weeks. As Koeman reveals, he is reported to be part of the team list for tomorrow’s match, but it’s quite possible to see the French start on the bench.

“Dembele has recovered. He is trained in a group and will be convened tomorrow in principle.”

Pedri is now the name of the tongue of all Barcelona fans. At the age of 18, he grew up to be one of the brightest names on the team and etched himself as a surely short starter under Ronald Koeman. A former Everton manager praised the youth, saying:

“Pedri is an example of how someone has to behave very well at that age. He is a very humble family boy and knows exactly what to do. He has a great future. There is. “

Before the start of the season, Pedri, Riqui Puig and Carles Aleña were all reported to have been asked by Koeman to stop lending. However, one of the three worked on the manager’s plan.

“If it’s convenient for a young player to play somewhere for half a year, I recommend it, but in the end it’s a player’s decision.”

About the future of him and the club

Koeman is doing the right job under difficult circumstances, but there are some reports suggesting that it may not be long enough here, especially after the January presidential election.

“I’m very happy to be in the place I’ve always wanted to be. It’s also a complicated place … I hope next year we’ll be better in terms of COVID-19 and the club.”

Finally, he concludes the press conference with a single word about his meeting with Barcelona’s assistant technical secretary, Ramon Plains.

“The plane and I are discussing a team that we can improve. Players who don’t have the time … have to make a decision when the new president arrives.”

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Report: Arsenal are interested in Riqui Puig in the January transfer window Report: Arsenal are interested in Riqui Puig in the January transfer window

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