Report: Discord is looking for a buyer.Price tags can exceed $ 10 billion

Discord is reportedly putting a pen on paper about the monopoly acquisition debate and seriously discussing selling it to other companies.

VentureBeat reports that multiple unnamed parties are interested in buying a large chat platform provider, but one of the potential buyers in question moves negotiations with Discord almost to the final stage. I signed the contract.

Officially, Discord declined the publication’s request for comment because it didn’t talk about rumors or speculation.

Other high-value events, such as the $ 7.5 billion sale of ZeniMax Media to Microsoft, could have already sold the video gaming industry in the explosive months. RobloxLarge direct list of. Even Discord itself caught some of its attention before rumors of these sales, and the company raised another $ 100 million near the end of 2020.

In VentureBeat’s full report here, the ball is primarily from Discord, as the company previously declined sales opportunities due to a discrepancy between leadership and how potential buyers imagined the next step. The publication states that it is in court.

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