Report: The latest Cyberpunk 2077 delayed announcement blinds the development team

CD Projekt Red re-announces blockbuster RPG delays Cyberpunk 2077 However, according to comments currently circulating online, we did so without first notifying the developers who are currently working on the game.

Immediately after the announcement hit social media Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier shares on Twitter According to sources within CDPR, an internal email was sent informing about the delay at about the same time the statement was issued on CDPR’s social media channel.

I’m watching that shift now Cyberpunk 2077 The delay released on December 10th was announced within a month of the November 19th release date marked during the last delay of the game a few months ago.

It The announcement hit Twitter today With the caption “We have important news to share with you,” we offer “our humble apology” to players who were hoping the game would start in mid-November.But given the very common struggle, CD Projekt Red has fought crunch culture throughout. Cyberpunk 2077In development, delays are unlikely to give developers more room.

“We feel we have a great game and we are ready to make all the decisions, including the most difficult ones, if it ultimately leads to the video game you like. “Yes,” concludes today’s statement from CDPR Studios with head Adam Badowski and co-CEO Marcin Iwiński.

Studio leadership specifically receded its anti-crunch promise at the end of September, with Bloomberg hooking up an internal email and working six days a week, which was considered the company’s last stretch before launch. I showed that I started to make it mandatory.

“I know this is the exact opposite of what we said about Crunch,” read Badowski’s comment in the leaked email last month. “It’s also the exact opposite of what I personally grew up to believe some time ago-that crunch should never be the answer, but we have all the other possibilities to navigate the situation. We have expanded the means. “

Schreier’s Tweet The nature of the post-release patch means that the development team had already expected to crunch for at least a month after the game was released, and this latest delay only pushes its finish line even further. be careful.

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